Love your “negative” feelings for the VALUABLE messengers they are!

We CREATE through our thoughts, words that we speak and our actions.  As you receive Grace Blessings you will become increasingly more sensitive to WHAT it is you are creating.  You will find if you are thinking or speaking in ways that are LIMITING it will QUICKLY NOT FEEL GOOD.

That not feeling good is the impetus from your inner Divine urging you to FIND A MORE TRUE thought…..a more empowering– a better FEELING thought or word to use to describe your experience.  THANK GOD for our FEELINGS…..ESPECIALLY the ones WE DON”T LIKE TO FEEL.

As without these feelings, these emotions– we would have no clue as to where we are headed if we continue with this same line of thinking, speaking and doing!!

So if you suddenly have a thought that provokes FEAR, ANXIETY, DISTRESS of some sort, track back and rewind to WHAT YOU WERE JUST THINKING!!!!!!  And then ask yourself, “What is a more EMPOWERING STORY? A MORE EMPOWERING THOUGHT??

The feeling bad lets you know that you are FAR from the TRUTH of the situation.  Thank GOD for that, don’t you WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF? Stop trying to fix. heal. cleanse and clear your negative emotions, without them you would be LOST!  They are MESSENGERS, trying to lead, guide, direct and PROTECT you from yourself LOL!!

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