Mastering your desires

Our level of suffering in life depends to a great degree on how attached we are to a certain desire. If there is no attachment, there is no suffering. It is really that simple.

The next time you get your knickers in a twist over something or someone in your life, take a moment, step back and become aware of how attached you are to the desire you have within you.

The more you can realize that your level of attachment is the thing that’s creating your suffering, the greater the chance you have for mastery over your mind-emotions and life itself.

When you realize the TRUTH of who you are= an all powerful infinite being who can manifest anything with pure will and intention, you won’t find yourself attached anymore. THAT is the paradox!!

Whatever desires arise in the mind will become stew to simply add to, or even perhaps superficial entertainment to just make life spicier adding ooomph, zest and zeal–just for sheer enjoyment!

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