Since I have a tendency towards being “impatient” I was doing some self inquiry today about this and wanted to write abut this topic. First off some of my impatience comes from the fact that my soul KNOWS and REMEMBERS living in the higher vibrations where manifestation was instantaneous, and is sometimes a little disillusioned that we have a time delay at all :) can I get an amen to that ??!! Or a blessed be……whatever……

So where does impatience come from?

It is an energy from the false self that stems from not being at peace with WHAT IS. It’s an old vibrational habit brought about when we don’t love ourselves, our bodies, our friends, family, and our experience of life just the way it is.

You tend to force, push or rush through an experience when love is not present. Can I get a blessed be here?? I AM guilty as charged LOL!!

Rushing is actually an act of violence against our Divine self.

It’s all about the false self trying to make the veggies in the garden grow faster because the false self believes once it “gets through this” THEN the rewards will come and it will FINALLY be happy, prosperous, fulfilled and serene.

Here’s the kicker…. the false self NEVER arrives at peace because it’s a wanting, yearning, craving… maniac!!

As you’ve probably recognized, your false self wants everything that it wants– RIGHT NOW~NOW~NOW! It doesn’t want to wait.

The false self wants what it wants when it wants it… golly, oh my RIGHT NOW….NOW…..NOW!!!!!

Have I put this in perspective?? Can we giggle about it now?? NOW NOW NOW!!!!! RIGHT freakin NOW!!


What to do, what to do?? KILL the false self? Put the false self in a corner in time out?? Lock the false self in the closet, basement or attic?? GAG the false self??

Well……you can try, though that false self will still be there with its constant craving.

SOOTHE the false self……..reprogram the false self.

Remember, impatience is only a VIBRATIONAL HABIT, so with a little energy application and some help from our Divine self ( do a dream assignment) you can SHIFT this, as I have and AM……

it is all perfect exactly as it is :)

So…..if this post speaks to you and you would like a little assistance in shifting this here are 2 awesome resources:

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