Releasing Attachments for a happy life!

Being overly attached to outcomes and what you want to attract into your life greatly thwarts your ability to manifest. When we are attached we contract and our vibration lowers. When you vibrate lower, you tend to attract more people, events and circumstances that make you feel crummy.

To release attachment, you can choose to PROSTRATE, or even kindly remind yourself to “just let go!” Remember, it is your mind that is attached, not you. In whatever way that works for you CHOOSE to give it over to the Divine within you.

Attachment is a form of LACK consciousness which stems from a feeling of disconnection to the Divine. The Divine is always here and this connection never goes away, sometimes we do when we allow our vibration to get really low.

Manifesting what you want in your life whether it may be more financial abundance, a new car, new home, relationship, hot lean body– occurs easily when we are feeling this connection to our inner Divine and have let go of limiting feelings and beliefs that arise.

I invite you to recognize your attachments as you go about your day and let them go. How do you recognize them? Attachment is present every time your body feels tense, stressed, out of balance, and cranky.

Every time you feel like life is getting too hard or your trying to FORCE something to happen, you are in attachment. Whenever you can feel these low vibrational feelings, ask yourself this, “What outcome am I attached to?” It’s as simple as that! If you don’t know, look at what is causing you the most pain in your life?

Behind pain, attachment is found. Be Aware of attachments! You may find there are MANY attachments running your life. The good news is that the more you are aware of these attachments, the easier it is to step back from them and not buy into their story. Freedom from attachments means you’ll have TONS of extra energy and focus to consciously manifest your desires.

Let GO, surrender, the essential book, The TRUE You is all about teaching you how to use your free will and conscious mind choices wisely and how to LET GO… is highly recommended !!

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