Find your Buried treasure

What would life be like for you if you could be completely at peace no matter what occurs?

Getting to this place and space does take a certain level of self mastery and TRUST in the Universe.

Though as you ride the Grace Blessing journey you will find that living in such a way, with such peace becomes natural, like second nature..

Peace, love and every conceivable yummy feeling is at the core of your being.  There is no need to look outside yourself for it. Everything on the outside is a distraction from this Source.

Looking within and finding this amazing buried treasure is a great gift, but we must stop looking for love and happiness and XYZ in “all the wrong places” on the outside and LOOK WITHIN.

One of the greatest treasures we teach people on the Grace journey is how to enter the zone state.  A state of enlightenment where the mind is completely still and silent and this state makes looking within SO much easier.

We enter the zone and simply drop deep within ourselves, into the pure essence of who we are, the pure consciousness of who we are.

We allow ourselves to savor this introspection that bubbles moment to moment with inquisitive curiosity of what may bubble up next and then next and next and next.  Here is a tip if you would like to experience some of this for yourself but maybe you have not learned the zone method–start NOW to be constantly curious about yourself and you’ll soon discover how to get beyond the traffic of your mind.

Looking inside myself, I found there was nothing to be afraid of.

I found some thoughts.

As I sit in the zone state, come to myself curious and open and dive deeply within, allowing whatever needs and wants to to arise, then I dive into that, allow it to pass when and if it wants to, and keep surfing and diving into whatever shows up.

As I got really good at doing this and really comfortable I came to see that the only reason I EVER suffered was because I forgot the thoughts were not real.  I allowed myself to attach to them, they seemed real, yet were not.  It wasn’t until I got in the Zone state and I could WITNESS my mind and any thoughts that arose that I TRULY understood this.

For the next few days give this a try and see how doing this makes you FEEL and how it potentially changes EVERYTHING in your life…… practice “Accepting everything As Is”.  This will help you to soften to yourself, the world and everyone in it.

We are typically very quick to criticize ourselves and others and slow to accept.  I think it is hi time we turn this around to be quick to accept yourself and others, and be slow to criticize.

Like the great Saint Francis taught–seek to Understand others instead of needing them to understand you, and second let go of being right, and choose to be happy and free!

The Grace Blessings journey is an INNER journey.  When we take this ride to look deep within do so wild and free.

The TRUE You will reveal itself much faster this way.

Happy Looking within!!


What ARE Grace Blessings?

Where can i find the essential TRUE You book so I can get started?

The Zone method sounds GREAT!!?? I would LOVE to live, play, work and be with a quiet mind!

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