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Our beliefs really DO create our reality, have everything to do with what we experience, attract, create and SO much more.

What we think about and how we think about it, is what the Universe uses to physically, magically construct what we see in our mind and feel in our body to create something physical.

All around us is this infinite energy, we maybe cannot see it, but many of us can FEEL it and it is called “the field” this field responds to YOUR thoughts and feelings and as you radiate out thoughts fueled by feelings this raw energy starts to take form and bring to you a match of what you have been thinking and feeling about.


Having the ability to Manifest is a birthright and we are all doing it all the time, we couldn’t stop if we wanted to.

If you can truly begin to understand HOW it is you manifest and align your life accordingly, you can and WILL experience outrageous success.


We all have access to this power equally.

Are you choosing to leverage the GRACE you have access to from this path to speed up your manifestations?? Are you remembering the teachings in the foundational book the TRUE You?

The TRUE You an Awakening and Enlightenment Manual

Letting go when you become aware you are in the way?? Turning everything that is too big over to your Inner Divine to handle FOR YOU? Prostrating?? Doing Dream Assignments?? Skipping to the payoff of what you want by getting in the FEELING of what having “it” now will give you?

Say you want more money. One of the number one things people tell me when I ask them what will having more money will give them? What FEELING will having more money give to you??

FREEDOM is really what they want.

You can have the feeling of FREEDOM NOW.
You don’t have to wait for the millions to show up and actually I HIGHLY suggest you align with the feeling of freedom NOW.

SKIP TO THE PAYOFF and feel FREE now, then it doesn’t matter if the money comes because you already have the TRUE thing you want. The paradox is once you feel free the money tends to appear, but you aren’t attached at this point
and this is how it works!! Learn more by reading the TRUE You:

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