The Grace Blessings http://www.ericarock.com/grace-blessings/ journey is a way of life, it is a spiritual path all on its own. It is also a Process of Awakening.

Let me repeat that, it is a PROCESS, an unfolding if you will.

It typically doesn’t all happen over night.

In fact I would venture to even say that if all our conditioning, predispositions, patterns fell away all at once, we may just go mad LOL, all the ego or false self constructs would vanish and we would feel a little more than naked!!

Be patient with this process. Be patient with yourself.


In fact, make that your mantra!! SOFTEN…..so simple and yet so effective…..simply, SOFTEN.

Say it to yourself NOW inwardly and notice what happens…..SOFTEN.  Feels good doesn’t it?

When we grip on life, constrict, get hard we also close down and with that closing down we don’t FEEL as connected and feeling disconnected always feels bad.

There are rhythms in life/  Life ebbs and flows, there are ups and downs.  Even with Grace challenges will arise, it is how you navigate those challenges that matters most.

We are created to have an experience, that experience evokes and emotion, we feel that emotion it flows and we move onto the next NOW moment.

This is how we are created to be, but we get conditioned to stray far away from our natural way.

For most people it looks something more like this….  we have an experience, if it is an experience we do not like and it evokes an emotion we do not like, we judge and criticize the situation make it WRONG (judgment is like GLUE and will keep you stuck in it), we get up in our head trying to “figure it out”, “analyze it”, push the accompanying feeling we have down, stuff it inside and try to plow through the experience without really feeling.

The Grace Blessing way teaches us to FEEL IT ALL!!!

The more willing you are to FEEL IT ALL as feelings come up the better

The more willing you are to feel it all the same level of FREEDOM you will attain.

This all takes practice too.

When you are okay with being sad, mad, glad, sorrowful, anxious…..KNOWING that when you say YES to the feelings and welcome them in and ALLOW them, giving them space, the faster they move!!

Once your MIND sees HOW THIS WORKS and that it does INDEED WORK, it will get on board and that will look something like this….

“Oh I’m feeling sad, my chest feels tight, I’m having a hard time breathing, I feel heavy in my limbs……”

MIND: “Well remember to ALLOW it and give it space to be and the more you can do that the faster you will feel better”

The MIND will start to remind you and encourage you, then the magic really happens!

Continue everyday practicing and soon you will notice that you are OKAY with ANY EMOTION, then you are truly free!

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