Let GO and Let God

Daily uplift~

It is imperative that we do things daily in our lives that we ENJOY and that bring us JOY if we want to feel happy and fulfilled. If you have something in your life stressing you out, like a job, financial stuff, relationship issues…..take some time out for YOU, to nourish your soul…..things that MATTER to you, don’t lose YOU in the chaos of life.

Especially if you have an “issue” if something gets too hard, overwhelming that is your CUE to back off and give it some air and breathing room to sort itself out, it is NOT the time to work harder at it, analyze it……let go let go let go.

Whether you get on the floor and prostrate, a PHYSICAL activity to give it over and let it go.

to a WRITING EXERCISE of putting it on a piece of paper and placing it in your GOD BOX…..there is magic in the writing folks, if your mind is obsessing about something, writing it down gets it OUT OF YOU and onto a piece of paper and then you will most likely find your mind is THEN at peace…..put it in that god box and KNOW that your own Inner Divine is handling it FOR YOU.

Go get some exercise you enjoy, take a hot bath, meditate, breath for pleasure, spend time with your animals, in nature, with people you love, watch a funny movie….

Feeling good needs to be our number ONE priority, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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