Message from your Inner Divine

Message from your Divine Self–ready??

There is nothing to worry about.

Let yourself feel this message, and allow it to sink deeply into your core and heart.

You are ALWAYS being provided for and taken care of by the Divine.

There is a divine generator (if you will) running the show.

You can choose to NEVER worry again.

Behind the scenes of this spectacular movie is a higher intelligence, making sure that you receive exactly what is needed, so that your fullest potential blossoms.

The Universe is pure intelligent energy in form.  It makes sure that everything you need occurs.

The people, events and circumstances that must manifest are all part of your “divine schedule”.

Nothing is by chance as the Universe is in a dance of Divine Perfection in every NOW moment–there are NO MISTAKES.

So what do YOU need to do??

Relax, be grateful for every opportunity for growth you’re given, and enjoy the journey as much as you possibly can to the very end.

But worrying??  Worrying is optional and I do not recommend it much as it shrinks down our “pipes” to RECEIVE what it is we want, RECEIVE the solution, RECEIVE the miracle and so on.

Would you be interested in receiving an energy that by design initiates or deepens the enlightenment process, shifts consciousness and radically opens you to RECEIVE so your life can FLOW with more ease?

Look here!

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