The GIFT of Surrender

Most people greatly misunderstand what it means to surrender.

When people think of surrender they equate it with giving up or losing something.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Surrender is the release of our false self’s (ego’s) striving to have something be different than what it is right now.

True surrender knows how to accept and be at peace with what is.  To let go to the NOW.

Recently I opened up a yoga studio and currently I am the only instructor and I teach a unique and not well known form of yoga, so of course my challenge is getting the word out and letting people know that I am there and what I offer.

I went through a period where I was feeling frustrated with how slow it seemed to be going.  I was doing all the right things, posting on social media about it, started a website, offered free events.

My false self was making a lot of things “wrong” I noticed one day and when that happens there are accompanying bad feelings, constriction and the flow halts.

Working harder at it was NOT the answer.  I know how the Universe works and once I became aware of the tension in my mind and body, now reflecting in my life I knew what I had to do.

I had to LET GO and give this situation some room to breathe.

In the letting go the magic happens and miracles can occur.

When we let go we create SPACE for the LIGHT to enter and resolve things.

It really is this simple when we remember to implement it.

As I backed away from the situation and focused on feeling grateful for having the space, for having the students that were attending and keeping my heart on what I wanted, full classes and as I saw that in my mind and felt so excited things began to shift.

Instead of focusing on what is I skipped to the payoff of good feelings and as I was unwavering in my excitement  what I wanted began to appear.

In the surrender it liberated me from my false self’ and I KNEW that if I let go things would get better, so THAT was huge motivation!!  Working harder at it was not the answer.  At that point I was doing all the right things, doing MORE was not what was going to shift things……surrender was what needed to happen.

In the book the Passion Test by Janet and Chris Atwood they talk about their formula for manifesting.



NO TENSION, aka surrender.

They are so correct in this formula.

Surrender liberates you so you can manifest the joyful life you deserve.

In the surrender I was no longer suffering, because I was no longer making the situation wrong.

You may be asking HOW did I surrender?

First I decided to stop thinking about it.  I had to get a hold of my mind.  Every time I noticed I was thinking about it I would mentally say, “LET GO!” I decided to dive into things in life that make me feel good and bring me JOY.

The rule is happiness first manifestation follows.

So I KNEW the happier I felt the better and things quickly fell into place.

Whatever is going on in your life, if there is tension around something give it some room to breathe.

If you would like to shift any area of your life and have more flow, ease and Grace you CAN!  visit


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