#1 Spiritual Trap Revealed

 #1 Spiritual Trap Revealed!

We have been conditioned and programmed to label and judge all of our feelings as good/bad, right/wrong.  Just by giving our emotions a label at all we fall into this judgment trap, especially if we are feeling an uncomfortable or what we have been taught to say “negative” feeling.

Isn’t it more TRUE to say we are all simply VIBRATING with ENERGY?

Since we are human and in a body as long as we are alive we are always going to be vibrating with energy. Really what is actually occurring is we are feeling SENSATIONS and ENERGY in our bodies that we have been taught to label.

I think in the labeling of these sensations is a TRAP.  Drop the label all together and simply turn inward and meet the experience where it is at.  Feel the sensations within the body, it is actually CREATIVE FUEL and RAW POWER.

Don’t use any techniques to try and change it, dispel it, calm it, simply feel it, RIDE IT LIKE A WAVE.

Any sensation you allow yourself to feel without resistance will change within 7-12 SECONDS.

Here is a recap:
1. I AM ENERGY and will always VIBRATE, part of being human
2. Feelings are nothing more than SENSATIONS in the body
3. Drop the Labels
4. Meet your experience and allow yourself to feel it
5.Surf it like a wave, one sensation will turn into another and on it will go

If you stick with this recipe you will never get “stuck” in a feeling ever, and when we retrain ourselves to drop the labels we spend a whole lot less time in judgment of ourselves, others and our life experience over all.

This is SO simple and also a potent recipe for emotional FREEDOM.  To learn more I have TWO awesome resources for you:  The TRUE You http://www.ericarock.com/product/the-true-you/

and Mastery of Mind and Emotions: http://www.ericarock.com/product/mastery-mind-emotions/

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