All Feelings are Welcome Here!

What would your life be like if you could consistently experience more vitality, peace and self-love?

I invite you to embrace your inner vitality. Long ago I used to be a master mood manipulator.  I only wanted to feel a certain range of emotions and I was really good at managing my mood, until I wasn’t.

I wanted all the high’s and to never feel the lows.

But to feel truly alive, I found I needed to allow myself to feel ALL feelings, welcome, and accept them all.

I came to this after stuffing feelings down for so long I felt LOW, depressed, heavy, lethargic.

The way OUT was to welcome ALL emotion and stop running from them.

I started slow of course, dabbing my toe in a bit and yanking it back out again.  But I have come to this place, I make caring for my feelings a TOP priority.

Through the path of Grace Blessings and learning how to enter the Zone state I come to all feelings with an open heart and curious like a little child.

No matter what may arise for me, fear, anger, irritation, despair, hopelessness, grief, confusion, overwhelm, regret, shame, aches, pains, or even yummy feelings I go into the sensation that is occurring inside my body.

I connect with my body and dive into the physical sensations that bubble up no matter where they surface.  This can be in my head, face, jaw, shoulders, chest, belly, back, arms or legs….the sensations can be anywhere and even move around.

Being willing to meet whatever arises in our inner landscape frees us to feel ALIVE and VITAL.

Life brings all kinds of circumstances, no matter how “good” you are, or spiritual, or how high your vibration is.

It is a part of the game here on planet earth to experience pain, challenging situations, and ALL emotions.

Whether or not we suffer comes down to how we respond to life and the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Take it from someone who knows, through direct experience,  when we resist feeling or experiencing what is happening in life, we suffer.

We have devised all sorts of clever strategies to distract or push away what is happening.

We tend to get in the mind and try to figure stuff out through analyzing, distracting ourselves, getting overly busy, blaming, shaming, guilting, projecting, or indulging in various addictions looking for relief.

These very strategies to push away what is happening create mental chatter disconnecting us from feeling our emotions, and rob us of our vitality and lust for life. We can play this game of hide and seek from ourselves for only so long.  Like what happened for me, is that life and my feelings eventually caught up with me in an eruption.

Everything I had been stuffing down, running from came rushing to the surface and I was WAY off balance.  Living in the mind distracts us from our authentic nature and our capacity to live a life of purpose with passion.

When we put our love, focus and attention into the body, coming to all the feelings and various sensations curious we gain back our ability to discern what is real from not real.

When I notice that I feel worried, or sad, low, or some other discomfort I know it is simply a message.

There is nothing I need to “do” about these feelings and sensations.  I don’t need to go back into my “mood managing” pattern again, though that is a choice I have.  I don’t need to figure it out, the “why’s of WHY I am feeling such and such.  I also don’t need to fix, heal or clear the feeling, as feelings cannot be cleared anyways!!

All I need to do is be still, get quiet, go within and FEEL, I say YES to the feeling, I cradle that sensation as I would a newborn.   I simply allow myself to experience it with awe.  I set no time table as to how long I “should” or “should not” feel the emotion, I stay open to the unfolding of it and ride the wave of various sensations, letting it have it’s way with me.

I give space, love, time and attention to my feelings and allow them to do what they need to do for as long as they need to.   I stay present to it all.

This is is how I live with great vitality and inner peace.

As i stay with the feeling and remain in my body, like an alchemical process with my Divine commander in charge, the feelings transmute and shift all on their own.

Shift from stressed to serenity through accessing the Zone state, a state of inner peace, presence and vitality!

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About Erica Rock: 

In a heart centered approach I guide like minded empaths who desire to live in peace, passion, vitality, and connection to the Divine. My offerings center around lovingly mentoring sensitives to fully embody their spirituality so that this “burden” of being an empath can be turned into a gift.  All feelings can be celebrated as the powerful messengers they are and embraced fully.

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