STOP trying to Manifest!

The TRUE You an Awakening and Enlightenment Manual

If life is building up on you, things don’t seem to be going right (which is mostly a state of mind anyway)–maybe you are TRYING too hard??

LET GO a bit!!  Soften.

When I coach people on manifesting their hopes, dreams goals etc sometimes the advise I give is to Stop Trying to Manifest!!!!

The TRUTH is we are ALWAYS manifesting, in every moment!

We do not have to “try” at this, simply relax a bit and let it happen, it is happening anyways, enjoy the journey and allow your desires to unfold on their own.

If we are gripping too tightly, holding on for dear life, we are not in an OPEN enough posture to RECEIVE, this gripping is wildly slowing down the flow of life to us FOR us.

Trying, attachment, gripping, forcing contains fear, insecurity, and lack.

The manifesting master inside YOU is beyond powerful in their soft, relaxed, trusting, stance with themselves and life.

Grace Blessings will deepen your feelings of Divine connection.  It may not happen overnight, for some of you this will happen quite quickly, for others it may take more time.


What everyone has to look forward to is living in such deep Divine connection you live in certainty. There is no doubt, hesitation or anxiety inside.

You are certain about where you want your life to go and you are certain you will get there.

You may not know the small details of the how’s or why’s, but your heart flame burns strong and you FEEL that and KNOW you are on your HIGHEST journey and that is all you need to know!


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