One thing I have observed over the years of facilitating silent Grace Blessing retreats: everybody who feels guided towards a silent retreat comes for a different reason.  Some need a break from their fast-paced, overly busy lives so they can relax, refresh and renew body, mind and soul.  The silent retreat is like pressing a reset button on your life.  Others may lead quiet more solitary lives but want to go deeper within, spiritually accelerate and get more in touch with their own inner Divine.  Others might have experienced trauma and are on a healing journey seeking balance, peace and release.  Whatever the reason for coming, most people I have spoken with after participating in a silent retreat say that the retreat helped them get what they wanted; a break, deeper connection, a time to heal, time to reflect and so many deeper positive affects.

Weekend silent Grace Blessing retreats are powerful. I have seen great transformations of retreat participants from just three days of introspection and daily transmission of the Divine Light. Grace Blessing retreats provide deep immersion into the Presence within allowing us to emerge feeling lighter, more joyful and more balanced in our lives.

The Grace Blessing retreats I offer not only give the participants time to de-stress and self bless, but on day three, participants receive a Spiritual Initiation, leaving with a powerful energy that they can pass onto others, which initiates the Enlightenment process or deepens that process for those who are already awakened.

They become pure and powerful channels of Divine Grace which opens, expands and shifts consciousness and resolves issues without having to “work” on them.

In talking with retreat participants I hear such gratefulness for the experience as it often a life-transforming experience for them.  The best part is the retreat never really ends, because the Initiation that is given unfolds eternally growing stronger and deeper with each passing day allowing the new initiate to reach new and exciting heights of consciousness exploration and Spiritual growth.

Included in the Initiation is a petition to each individuals Mighty I AM Presence that  going forth as newer, higher, finer frequencies of Light/Energy/Intelligence become available to Mother Earth and Humanity, that we are downloaded with them by our own Divine Presence/Higher Self, so that Spiritual Initiates are always offering the highest energetic frequencies available for their own Spiritual Evolution as well as their clients, meaning the Initiate never needs another attunement or activation by another Spiritual Teacher again as they will now be receiving them directly.

Why Silence Retreats?  What are the benefits?

Let Go of your “routine”

Routines are useful and help us to be efficient and productive in our daily lives. They give us some structure which also has benefits. Routines exist in our lives as well as in the internal landscape of our minds. Letting go of ALL routines during a silent retreat is liberating beyond words. We turn off our cell phones, computers, stop checking e-mails, facebook, twitter and simply STOP and BE.

All the “noise” also stops, radio, TV, telephones, podcasts, telesummits, newspapers, we connect with nature, breathe in the fresh air, smell the roses, bask in the sunshine.  We have time to “Be still” and simply “Be”.

We nourish our bodies with organic, healthy cuisine that is prepared for us lunch and dinner.  No cooking to do, no clean up, just show up and enjoy.  We allow ourselves to be nurtures, taken care of, supported. We become like children again, flowing with day, allowing ourselves to be guided through the different activities and periods of rest.

We enter into silence and turn inward

The three day retreats I facilitate not only include silence and Grace but also on day one I teach you the Zone Method, which is a fast, effective way to quiet the mind, find your peaceful , balanced center and enter into 5th dimensional energy and consciousness.

Participants are taught all four gateways of how to enter into the zone state at will in minutes so they can then spend the remainder of their retreat in deeper connection to their own Inner Divine, in a higher state of consciousness and they just learned a spectacularly powerful method of stopping all thought and shifting thought on a dime and they get to also take that new skill home with them and casually share it with others!

Much of our energy is used in communicating with the external world.  At a silent retreat, we take all the energy that we normally use in speaking and communicating and we make it available to the mind-body to repair itself,  heal and transform.

Silent Grace Blessing retreats are ultra nourishing for our minds, bodies, spirits, souls and lives.

Power field of Resonance

Rather than retreating by ourselves, we join other people who are participating in the silent retreat.

The experience is quite different than a personal retreat or taking a retreat in which people talk to one another.  In a silent retreat a powerful field of resonance is created.  These retreats in particular, the field is infused with Divine Grace and the groups energy amplifies this making it more palpable and powerful for everyone.  The air around the group seems to vibrate.  There is a connectedness even without any outward communication.  Being in the energy seems to aid everyone in focusing, going deeper and healing.

Everyday we participate in Spiritual practice that is FUN

We gather as a group to enter the quiet Zone state several times a day and receive Grace Blessings.  Cleansing and purifying practices clearing our ancestral lineage and releasing resentments to let go of burden leaves our hearts more open and free.  We move a LOT of energy in these retreats in the form of trance dance, kundalini yoga, breathwork and receiving activations from the Monoatomic Andara Crystals.

We Eat REALLY Well

We partake of freshly prepared, delicious and nutritious organic food. This food both nourishes the body and aids it in cleansing.

Rest and Relaxation

Silent retreats allows us to relax, restore and rejuvenate on a very deep cellular level.

  • Breathing practices cleanse and energize the body and mind.
  • Silence- Focuses energy into healing, working on ALL levels.  The mind is laid to rest due to the Zone Method training, allowing it to unwind which grants us room for reflection.  Then we are able to handle and heal all the things are keeping us from our peace of mind.
  • The field of resonance of the group aides in our healing and transformation
  • The fresh, clean, food nourishes us and brings us to an even greater state of physical and mental health.
  • The Grace Blessings & Andara activations help break us out of old ways of thinking and being so we unfold more deeply into our Authentic selves.

“Be Still and know that I AM God”

This whole process removes the “clutter” and chaos in the head.  We receive fresh perspectives about our lives, “issues” often get resolved as we lay our burdens down at the feet of our own Inner Divine to resolve for us, and as we quantum leap into a new level of consciousness the challenges that once faced us are often no longer there!! We gain new insights and understanding.  We hear the wisdom of the Grace Blessing path in new ways so that we can apply that wisdom to our lives.

Our burdens become lighter and somehow might even stop seeming like burdens any more.  The mind slows down and the external silence becomes internal.  The light of understanding and inner peace dawns as our meditations become more profound.
We feel connected to a source of energy, love and joy that is beyond our limited minds and bodies.

We have dropped a lot of the excess baggage that was weighing us down and we emerge transformed in a way that we never expected.

With all this, it seems that a Silent Retreat may be just the thing to help so many of us as we navigate life. Taking time to de-stress, self bless, reconnect, catch our breath, re-focus, rest and replenish is so important in living a conscious life.

The benefits of the Silent Grace Blessing retreats are SO many, when you leave you will fully understand what the phrase “be STILL and KNOW that I AM GOD” means.

Between the zone method training and Grace Blessing initiation you will leave with some of the most leading edge powerful consciousness tools that are available on the planet at this time.  The student becomes the MASTER, are YOU ready to claim that much power?  I indeed hope so!

I AM offering two more Grace Blessing retreats for 2015 in Dover NH!

August 21, 22, 23 fri-sun 11-8 fri, 11-8 sat and 11-3 sun

as well as

Oct 9, 10, 11th

Payment plans are available, the tuition with lunches and dinners is only 1150.00, for more info you may look here, or email to


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