Emotion is simply ENERGY in MOTION

What do YOU think of when you hear the word


I see 2 things…..


Energy in Motion or E=MC2

Do you know one the biggest obstacles I see people having when it comes to Spiritual Growth, getting liberated and free?

It is an unwillingness to NOT FEEL ALL FEELINGS.

Sure we are fine when we feel happy, peaceful, hopeful, inspired.

No resistance there!

But when we feel anger, despair, guilt, shame, fear…..we tend to get in a tailspin.

These feelings are NOT okay for most people.

Being unwilling to feel all feelings will put a cap on your spiritual growth and cause an immense amount of suffering.

Want to know the TRUTH about emotions?

They are a MESSAGE.

The other truth is an emotion is nothing more than ENERGY.

What does energy like and want to DO?

It wants to MOVE and FLOW.

Isn’t it TRUE, that when we have en EMOTION, (energy in motion)

We are actually having a PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE in our body?

Allow that energy to move, to flow– and you move back to your natural state which is peace and happiness.

Resist it and make it wrong, judge it, stuff it down, run away from it, distract yourself with “busyness” to not feel it and now you have just created an ENERGY BLOCK in your body.

This energy is vibrating within you and will now attract more people, events and circumstances to continue TRIGGERING this emotion because it WANTS to come UP for resolution and to MOVE and FLOW.

Have you ever wondered why you keep cycling similar patterns and emotional responses

This is why.

That energy wants to get freed up and in the Divinely PERFECT Universe the best way to make you aware of this energy block is to TRIGGER it hoping that one of these times you SURRENDER TO IT, you LET GO to it, you ALLOW it to move and flow and THEN you are FREE.

Don’t you WANT to feel like this?


Our body is like this incredible library, storing experiences good and bad, memories, and when we have things stored within us that are not life supportive we will as I said before attract people, events and circumstances to trigger this so we can feel it and be free.

But we are not only dealing with emotion here, there is also another component to this……the MIND.

Many people share with me that they feel attacked by their MIND.  Their mind generates and obsesses over painful past experiences.

Have you ever questioned as to WHY your mind may do this?

It was revealed to me that our MIND is our FRIEND, our ALLY and it is always trying to HELP US.

I noticed that when my mind would start going over some painful event from my past it was typically due to one of THREE reasons:

I needed to forgive MYSELF for something I had done that made me feel bad and I needed to clean up my side of the street so to speak or,

I need to forgive someone else.

Or, my mind was showing me where I had a limiting belief. A story I was telling myself that was holding me back, a LIE I had bought and sold to myself.

These experiences stored in our body will often throughout the day, bubble up on the screen of our mind so we can then become AWAKE and AWARE of what we are holding onto inside of us.

The mind is actually just trying to help, it is communicating with and working with the body to facilitate healing for us!

Though we often misunderstand or simply do not know what is going on and feel under attack by our very own bodies, by our mind and emotions and find that we are at war with ourselves.

After I realized that my MIND was my FRIEND, my ally, always trying to help me, I came to every negative memory so much differently!!  I actually got excited because I saw it as an opportunity for healing, forgiveness, growth and FREEDOM.

I hope this can inspire you to come to your thoughts and feelings from a different perspective, to see the tremendous VALUE in how we are created and how the body, mind and heart all work together to HELP YOU FREE YOURSELF, if of course you are willing.

My Mastery of Mind and Emotions audio program has sold THOUSANDS of copies and has help SO many people learn a simple, easy and effective way to feel SAFE feeling into ANY FEELING.

Often times we are afraid to really let ourselves “go there” for fear if we let those tears flow we may never stop.  Or if we let ourselves feel the anger it will consume us and we will never come out of it.

NONE of that is true, and this is WHY Mastery of Mind and Emotions which has been around for about 5 years now continues to be a NUMBER 1 seller and mostly it is by word of mouth.  The audio gives a POWERFUL Grace Blessing at the end of it to help you with your healing and emotional process. If this is an area that you still have some trouble with here is the answer to your prayer, http://ericarock.com/product/mastery-mind-emotions/

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