How to open to more Abundance in only 3 minutes!

This week I’ve noticed that the majority of the sessions I have been doing with people are all around helping them to OPEN to more ABUNDANCE, Prosperity, SUCCESS and CASH MONEY!

In fact for one New Dr Client of mine right after our first session, she started to attract NEW Clients, more enrollments in a new program she was offering  and was approved to buy a NEW HOUSE!!  A client I worked with yesterday right after we did our Abundance Consciousness activation her art was accepted at a new gallery!  Things can and DO open up FAST when our abundance pipes are WIDE OPEN and we are ALIGNED.

I have a GIFT for helping people with this :)

I started by working on my OWN Money and Abundance issues.  As a little child my parents were both self employed, they didn’t have health insurance and when my father fell ill and was admitted into the hospital for a month and half and then past away my mother was left in HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS IN DEBT.  I was only 9 years old.  I just lost my father, he was like a GOD to me and if that wasn’t bad enough the hospital threw THREE attachments onto our home because of the hospital bills.

We were facing the distinct possibility of becoming HOMELESS.  My mother would often come home from the lawyers crying, in complete despair and being the good little psychic empath I was, I TOOK A LOT OF IT ON, often laying awake at night wondering how I could help my mother pay bills, where were we going to live, what could I do?

I let the burden of this fall onto my shoulders and a LOT of unhealthy money beliefs were born due to this grave and dire situation.

Money used to trigger the heck out of me, there wasn’t enough money in the world to make me feel safe.  I had a LOT to work through, a lot to let go of and a lot of power to reclaim.

I’ve done all of this and more, making in the 6 figures consistently in the last few years and that is pretty telling for this industry.  Most people achieve this if they sell high end coaching packages, or asking big bucks for their sessions.

I’ve remained affordable and still achieved this level of success and I can help YOU do the same!

We all have limiting beliefs, energy blocks around money and abundance.

A POWERFUL exercise you can do to begin to WEED OUT those limiting beliefs and FLOW that energy is a quick exercise that only takes 3 minutes of your valuable time!

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

In your minds eye think about how much money you make a year, and NOW take that number that you make per year and think about making that much PER MONTH!!

That’s right PER MONTH!!

For the next 3 minutes SIT and BE WITH whatever thoughts, feelings, sensations that may arise as you focus on this goal.

Anything that is NOT in alignment with this will start to come up so you can feel and flow it.

Any negative thoughts, feelings and sensations are the WEEDS in your Abundance Garden, and it is high time you cleaned them up, so then there is NOTHING standing in the way of your abundance.

You will want to repeat this exercise until you can hold this intention for three minutes and all you feel is JOY, excitement, gratitude, appreciation, love and can dream about ALL the amazing things you are going to BE. DO.HAVE with this kind of abundance.

YOU opening to RECEIVE Abundance is a HUGE BLESSING for EVERYONE.  The more abundant we are, the more generous we can be the more we can assist others in helping them to make their own DREAMS come true, the world becomes a more beautiful, better place for everyone!

YOU being abundant helps the entire world, YOU are WORTHY!!

If you want to accelerate this process and open to abundance faster I would recommend either a Grace Blessing session, if you have multiple parts of your life you need upliftment in  Or if it more abundance in general you are after consider the Abundance activation

Share your experiences with me!!

Love, Erica

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