Living as your Divine Self

A common desire I hear people tell me is that they want to live and become the very HIGHEST versions of themselves while they are here on Earth.  The want to “be all they can be”, live their GLORY, share their brilliance and LIGHT.

A big part of this challenge seems to be what this actually looks like and letting go of all the limitations we have bought and sold to ourselves so we can actually start living it and aligning with it.

The Grace energy found in the TRUE You book, audio programs and online courses will start to melt away everything that is NOT us so we CAN begin to live as our largest selves.

We all have a “Higher self, “Mighty I AM Presence” or what I like to call a “Divine Self” which is the God/Goddess like aspect of us, the infinite, invisible part of us, who once Awake begins to walk this Earth AS US and we certainly do become ALL WE WERE MEANT TO!

Our Divine Self knows our greatest desires, hopes, dreams and all the deep, truly meaningful experiences we really want out of life.

It’s who and what our soul came here to be–it is our highest and greatest destiny made manifest. If you want to become more clear about what your Divine Self looks like, what you came here to be, do have I want you to ask yourself some questions that will give you clarity.

What would your ideal day in your ideal life look like?

Keep in mind for this exercise there are NO LIMITS, no limitations–there are no financial limits, health limits, people limits, so you can achieve your right financial status by working right, or health status with the right programs as the Nathan Robinson of Optimized Fitness, you just need to put your mind on it.

NOW, what does your ideal day look like with all those limits gone??

How do you manifest and align with this life?

Step 1: Visualize this ideal day. By visualizing your ideal day this will begin to reveal your Divine Self and what you came here to Be, Do. Have.

Some things to ask yourself for greater clarity:
-Where are you living? Warm climate, tropical climate, four seasons kind of place, near water, mountains, fields?  Which FEELS best to you?
-What would your house look like? Victorian, Cape, Contemporary, Modern, Sleek, Charming, Quaint, Large or small?
-What time would you wake up? What time do you go to bed?  what is your schedule like?
-What does your morning, afternoon, evening look like?
-What kind of foods do you eat?
-What does the mundane stuff look like?
-What would you do in the first half of your day?
-Who is a part of your day?
-What are your friends be like?
-What are you doing for personal fulfillment?
-What life purpose are you living for?
-What are you doing for a career?
-What are your relationships like? What do you like about each other?
-Do you have children?  If so what do you love about them?
-What are your thoughts as you wake up and go to sleep?
-  What kind of activities are you participating in?

-  Are you married, in relationship?  single?  How do you feel?  If you are in a relationship what do you love about your partner?

-  How do you feel in this life?

Identifying ideal day will help you become clear about who you really are, who you really want to be and what is most important to you is also what is most important to your Divine Self.

Get detailed and clear.

When you have a clear picture of who you are – this is your Divine Self.

When you start raising your vibration, letting your limiting beliefs, conditioning, predispositions and everything that is NOT who you truly are go, that’s when you start moving in the direction of your Divine Self. You’ll start experiencing massive growth and improvements in ALL areas of your life.

To your Grace Blessing Journey and letting go of everything that is NOT you, so who you really came here to Be. Do. Have can shine through and manifest in physical form AS YOU.

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