Overly sensitive? Empathic? How to use this as a GIFT!

Have you been told that you’re too sensitive? Or maybe you have thought this yourself wondering WHY you are so effected by the people and energy around you.  Your empathy may become more glaringly obvious on days when conflict, criticism or other people’s negative energy makes you feel completely out of sorts.

As a supremely sensitive person, this has been a recurring theme in my life. And in today’s article, you’ll learn how to make your empathy a gift instead of it feeling like a curse.

I’ve come to realize that my ability to feel things deeply is a strength! It’s what helps me be REALLY good at what I do.  We can learn how to leverage the upside of being empathic and turn it into a GIFT!

For an empath UNIFYING heart and mind is crucial.  HOW do we do this?

#1- Start your day by ALIGNING your ENERGY!!  We have the power of CHOICE in life and we get to choose what we focus on.  Starting your day off on the RIGHT FOOT can and will make ALL the difference for you.  We don’t start our day off by immediately checking email, voice messages, returning phone calls, appointments, checking twitter or facebook etc.  We start our day by ALIGNING our energy and programming our day.  We start our day with some sort of meditation, creative visualization, affirmations, prayer, mantra, listening to any of the Grace Blessing audios is an AWESOME way to start the day, Instant Uplift or the I AM Unity Consciousness audios are two exceptional ones to get yourself HIGH VIBE and ALIGNED!!  http://ericarock.com/store/.  People also love Infinite Blessings BOOK and Music as well.  Point being LINE YOUR ENERGY UP BEFORE YOU START YOUR DAY!  This will make your vibration STRONGER so you are less likely to be thrown off by other people’s energy!

#2-STOP and SLOW DOWN.  If some negative energy or criticism has come your way, STOP, take a PAUSE and ask within, “Why might this person be upset?” TRY to place yourself in the other person’s shoes and TRY to see the situation from THEIR point of view.  If you can EMPATHIZE with how the “other” person may be feeling it can really help YOU to deal with what has shown up in your orbit much more effectively.  For example, some random person is going off on you on FB, you can pretty much guess that person is SUFFERING in their own life, it really has NOTHING to do with YOU, so DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY and simply forgive and release them.  NO extra drama needed. Here is a little tid bit, MANY MANY MANY TIMES when people freak out it has NOTHING to do with US and everything to do with THEM and we just take it personally which is OUR mistake.  When someone criticizes us all that tells us is what THEY believe it may or may not be “true” so slow down long enough to feel into if there is any truth and if there is you can use it to GROW and BLOSSOM into the very highest version of yourself!

#3-Feel it and flow it  We ALL get upset once in awhile and trying to deny that or be the “perfect little spiritual person” is ridiculous.  Saying things to ourselves like, “I shouldn’t FEEL THIS”, or “I should be OVER this “thing” by now.”  or “I should be beyond this” ALL NOT HELPFUL, be REAL with HOW YOU FEEL, THAT’S THE DEAL!  Guess what?  You are human and human beings ARE A FEELING, so stop trying to plug up the flow of what you are authentically feeling and let those feeling rip!  So how do we do this?  FEEL the FEELING, DROP the STORY.  A feeling is nothing more than a pure physical sensation, so feel that pure sensation, whether it be a heaviness in the chest, lump in the throat, heat in the face and don’t make up a story about it.  The story fuels the feeling and keeps it going and us in it.  DROP THE STORY–FEEL THE FEELING, DROP THE STORY– FEEL THE FEELING, DROP THE STORY– FEEL THE FEELING.

If you consider yourself an empathic, sensitive person, what are some of the practices you use to stay both open hearted and balanced?  Write them on the Awakening into Oneness FB page found here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/242699212428076/

For resources to keep your vibes HIGH, and fortify your foundation look at http://ericarock.com/store/



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