Surviving an Emotional Volcano

Emotional Volcanoes- the Eruption can occur at any time

Like a volcano, your pain, your grief, and inner hurt can erupt when you least expect it. You experience a sudden loss; a job, breakup or have a disagreement with a friend or colleague. Suddenly old hurts from prior experiences bubble up to the surface, the present triggering the past all being orchestrated perfectly by the Universe giving us a chance to really HEAL. We can resist these emotions either by persistently replaying the events in the mind keeping it all mental, or going into distraction, numbness, there are numerous ego strategies for avoiding feeling. The price for not authentically feeling what is going on inside is very high, overall life will never be or look like how we would dream for it to, and internally we will never realize our highest and fullest potential.

Come to the inner pain and hurt with openness, curiosity,  courage and loving kindness.

Rule 1: STOP

A volcano when erupting destroys everything in its immediate vicinity and it happens fast, you cannot outrun it.  Running away from an uncomfortable issue, stuffing down your feelings, or numbing your sadness with other distractions will catch up to you sooner or later. When it does,  it will be magnified. You can’t outrun, out think  or out smart your heartbreak. Your energy is better spent facing your hurts, not attempting to escape it. So the first rule is STOP.

Rule 2: DROP-IN

Resistance is useless. And when we resist our resistance we are really making ourselves suffer.  The most empowering choice we can make is to accept what is happening. Sit or Lie down, be quiet, don’t move. In the midst of turmoil, drop into the sensations your having in your body and feel what you are feeling. Life’s disappointments and setbacks can hurt like heck, but if you become translucent, open– allow the physical sensations of the anger, hurt, grief, sorrow to wash through you . When we surrender and stop beating ourselves up, dwelling in the past, or trying to dominate your misery, the healing can begin.

Rule 3: Be very, VERY Still

Stay quiet and be very still until the storm settles.  Slapping a smile on and pretending you’re okay when you’re not makes the discomfort return stronger than ever. Make room for stillness and spaciousness during tough times so you’re able to FULLY experience everything you need to feel. Your inner knowing will alert you when you’re ready to move on.

Facing your hurt can seem terrifying. But when you allow your past and present feelings to flow through you, pain releases its grip and you’re free to live your highest and greatest expression.

If you feel you could use more support I highly recommend the Mastery of Mind and Emotions audio program.  It walks you through a simple, step by step process to help you dive in and be with whatever emotional storm arises, you can read more about it here:

You don’t have to go it alone, there is always support for you here on your journey, my goal is to get people as self sufficient as possible so they don’t need me, for the times you can use the extra more personal one on one support, private sessions are available, either in person, phone or even skype

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