Ascension and 5D consciousness

Last weekend I was in Shelburne VT doing a Zone Method training, bringing 8 more people into 5D consciousness.  There was extraordinary healing, shifts, manifestations (instant) and more.

Did you know that the DATE is set for the first wave of Ascension??  Yup, it is coming in Sept of THIS year!!

It was only recently, (within the last year) that I connected the dots and realized that the zone method was here to help us usher in 5D consciousness and ascend, kind of a huge deal!  This work was gifted to us by our galactic friends who live in a no time/space continuum and they are cheerleading us on and supporting us in the process!

These are the same beings who worked with me night after night for 6 solid weeks creating this work, anchoring it, and birthing it.

I cannot say it enough how very important this work is RIGHT NOW!  More than ever before we must wake up and shine as brightly as possible!

When we enter the zone state our AWARENESS heightens.   You can liken the amount of awareness you have by using an example of a dimmer switch. If you are awake and fully aware the lights are turned ALL the way up, you are BRIGHT, you GLOW. The more you are in your mind, thinking about the past, worried about the future the lower the dimmer switch, in fact it is barely on.

Lower 3D consciousness thoughts and feelings of shame, blame, guilt, worry, hate, and mind activities like these decrease your true awareness and lower the dimmer switch. The more awake and aware you are the more peaceful you are and the more peace you add to your life, body and existence of all things.

How can we get through the shift/ascension as elegantly as possible? Start LIVING in the ZONE STATE, the zone state is a peaceful 5D state of consciousness, you effortlessly live in the present moment. Drop the ego strategies, the resistance and wake up.

The answer to ALL of our problems, personal and planetary is WAKING UP and this is what the Zone Method gives us, an effortless way to enter 5D consciousness, to keep ourselves awake and aware!!

Now that I live in this state most of the time I live with peace, when a challenge comes my way I navigate it without a lot of drama, I manifest what I need before I even know I need it most of the time.  My life compared to most people is EASY and those that know me well say it is MAGICAL.

This is the way it can be for everyone, this is where we are ALL going.

Being an empath I am acutely aware of all the suffering going on, all the fighting, struggling, but as I live in the zone state it is like I am watching it from the OUTSIDE, extending my hand inviting people to move out of that.

I can only invite and share that here there is peace, magic, ease and flow, but people have to take my hand.

As more and more people ACCEPT my invitation  and get themselves Awake and Aware enough, they can turn around and put their hand out and yell, “Hey, there is PEACE over here!  By leaving the collective there’s is more space/peace in it, less people fighting and one less person adding chaos to the situation.

Click here for a short and very important movie about the Ascension and 5D Consciousness  Ascension and 5D consciousness

This is why the zone method is here at this time and why it is so very important.

I have scheduled several more FREE group tele calls so you can experience the zone state, as well as another zone training so you can learn how to enter the zone state at will in seconds, as well as ground and anchor the 5D consciousness within yourself!

click here for the calendar page to save the dates for the free calls

Those that participate on the free call will receive an EXCLUSIVE offer and HUGE discount towards the zone method course, so try to call in live!


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