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Somatropin is the recombinant version of somatotropin, a peptide hormone that is produced in the human body by the somatotrope cells of the anterior pituitary gland. It stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans. Somatropin can treat growth hormone deficiency in children.


Our body is like a hall of records, or a library, recording “data”, all of our thoughts, words, actions, memories and experiences.

The body “stores” this data and some of it is helpful for us, but a lot of it is not.

When we have experiences in life that are traumatic, that we don’t have the skill sets to really feel through it all the way, allowing it to flow, we stuff it down within us, we store it and if left unresolved often manifests into a physical “dis-ease” later on.

Not to mention this effects the people, events and circumstances that we attract into our lives.

All of this data and information vibrates inside us and like attracts like.

The body and mind are intricately connected and in constant communication with one another.  Think of your mind like a movie screen if you will, and the body will project “images” onto your movie screen letting you know what is living inside you.

Most people don’t truly understand what is occurring and feel as though they are being haunted by past things, this could not be further from the truth, your body is informing your mind of what needs to be taken care of, handled and healed.

This could be about anything in your life and what I am about to teach you is simple, fast and will keep you CLEAR so life doesn’t build up on you. With free flowing energy like that you manifest faster, you feel better, become more emotionally uplifted and begin to live in the “miracle zone.”

The miracle zone is that space and place where it seems like everything you touch turns to gold, everything you desire shows up easily, that you have a magic wand filled with fairy dust and no matter where you sprinkle that dust– awesomeness abounds!

I want to use some examples from sessions I did this week to demonstrate that it does not matter what challenge, issue, or struggle you are facing you can use this technique to free up the energy and your body!!

Client 1:  ex boyfriend had been psychically attacking her, she felt his energy around her and his ill wishes towards her.  She wanted to be FREE of him, she had already cut cords and tried clearing herself, yet his energy still lingered and he was able to access her.

I asked her to THINK about him and when she thought about him WHERE did she FEEL this show up in her body?  She felt it most strongly in her stomach/solar plexus area.

I had her place her ATTENTION/FOCUS on the area that felt uncomfortable and to gently breathe into it.

Just by placing your ATTENTION on something it begins to SHIFT.

That uncomfortable feeling that manifested when she thought of her ex was the energy that was still residing within her, he was still able to access her because she had unresolved residue living within her body.

I ran the Grace energy while she focused, if you are not a Grace Blessing Giver, what you can do is use either the Infinite Blessings audio, or gaze at one of the Grace infused pictures in the Infinite Blessings or True you books, or any of the other audios, give a powerful grace blessing at the end, you can find all of them here:  Access the Grace energy while you focus…..

In less than four minutes I checked on her and  the energy was completely gone.

I asked her to think about him again to see if her body reacted with anything at all and the answer was NO.  She was FREE of him, in less than 5 minutes!!

If it was YES, I would of had her place her attention on it, gently breathe into it again for a few minutes until it resolved while using Grace to leverage the light and assist to gain full resolution.

Sometimes there is some energy still left in the same location, sometimes it “moves” and you continue to track it until it is gone.

It does not matter what is happening…….

Whether you are facing:

a breakup, loss of a job, challenging relationship, health crisis, money issue, literally ANYTHING

the Protocol is the same, THINK about the situation, then FEEL where your body responds to that thought/situation/circumstance, then place your ATTENTION/FOCUS on that sensation while you gently breathe into it until it dissolves and you are neutral.


Client 2:  Complained of 25-20 pound weight gain and shared that she started not taking care of herself after a breakup that the man “broke her heart”.

I asked her to THINK about him and tell me where she felt her body respond, she said her throat and she became weepy and emotional.  I asked her to FOCUS on the throat, gently breathe into it while I ran Grace and again in less than 5 minutes the energy was GONE!

If she left this there she may have manifested a thyroid issue later on, since the energy was in her throat.  The other issue with not resolving this would of been her continuing to attract men who would do the same to her, so by clearing this energy she has just changed her entire life and the quality of men who will want to be with her, she just got an UPGRADE!

Thyroid also controls WEIGHT, so now that the energy in that center is freed up, it will be interesting to see how her weight may also shift.

The BODY has all the answers and all these seemingly random sensations that arise as we think of things are NOT so random at all.  The body has Divine Intelligence within it.

Everything you THINK about the body responds to that thought and if we pay close attention  if something is not for our highest and best, we now have the tools to shift it, clean it up and get free.

Client 3:  Came to me complaining of severe fatigue, he had spent thousands of dollars being tested for autoimmune disorders, lyme, chronic fatigue syndrome you name it, he was tested the Dr’s were baffled because they could not find anything physically “wrong” with him.  All blood tests came back fine, so what was going on?

I asked him when the fatigue started, he gave me the answer then I asked him what was going on in his life around that time, or what had happened just before the fatigue hit?

Things do not manifest out of a vacuum, we live in a cause and effect Universe and ANYTHING that develops in your body is a MESSAGE ABOUT SOMETHING going on in your life or a pattern of behavior, but clearly it is a message!

We were able to uncover that he had started a new relationship a couple of months prior to the fatigue.  As I read the energy I could clearly see and feel that this relationship was NOT right for him, was actually draining him of his vital life force and he needed to let it go.

As we spoke it became crystal clear to him that the relationship was the cause of this.  She is a lovely woman, there was nothing wrong with her, she treated him great, it simply was not a vibrational match and if that is the case YOUR BODY WILL INFORM YOU OF THIS!

Our body let’s us know everything we need to know, if we pay attention we can stay in alignment with what is for our highest and best.  Our body really IS a temple and serves us oh so well.

Once he chose to end the relationship his energy and vitality came back, it came back the MOMENT he decided to let her go, the challenging part for him was there was no “logical reason” to let her go, but his BODY was informing him otherwise.

My hope is you find this technique useful and implement it, if you are facing something that has physically manifested, always look to when it started and what was happening around that time, that will give you the clues as to how this came about so you can heal it at the cause level.

May you enjoy perfect health thanks to a Fitness Coach online, also happiness and wholeness now and always!

Love, erica

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