Take the 30 day Conscious Creator Challenge

Take the 30 day conscious creator challenge and watch your life begin to FLOW with ease….

can’t we all use a little more ease??  I think so!

One of the things you learn about in the TRUE You book http://ericarock.com/product/the-true-you/ is how to “program your day” and for those of you who choose to join me for the next 30 days you will be absolutely amazed at how much more smoothly your day will go if you take a simple 5 minutes in the morning and do this simple yet life transforming practice.

I AM So sure you will love it that it will become a NEW daily habit, which if it does you have just taken one MASSIVE ACTION STEP towards claiming your mastery and really being a CONSCIOUS CREATOR of your life.

So what is involved?

When you open those beautiful eyes of yours first thing in the morning, sit up, put your feet on the floor palms rest on your knees, close your eyes, place tip of tongue to roof of mouth, this activates your BAGHA, and gets the multidimensional circuits of your brain connected.

Next take your energy up to the SUN, that luminescent SOLAR LOGOS and if the sun isn’t out that day, that’s okay cause it’s shining behind the clouds, so just see, feel, allow and imagine connecting to that golden energy, begin to bring it into all of your chakras starting with  your…..

CROWN opening up the connections here, clearing anything that needs to go, opening up your full awareness so you can know the TRUTH

then bring the light in through your eyes and third eye opening this center so you can see the truth and everything through the eyes of your divine self

bring the light into your ears so you can hear your inner guidance and truth

bring it into your throat opening this center asking the light to assist you in being able to perfectly express your truth

bring it now into your heart opening your heart to self love, compassion, being able to give and receive love freely

then bring the light down your arms and out your hands asking the light to open you so you can receive all of the gifts and blessings the universe wants to give you

bring the light into your torso and power centers and root so you can stand in your truth and in the light, firmly and completely grounded and anchored in your body

bring it down your legs, into your feet then shoot it down into center of mother earth, ground and anchor there then PULL her energy back up all the way to your HEART then EXPAND the light out your heart 360 degrees in all directions

expand it out as FAR as you can, out past your house, town, state, country, earth past the sun and then command LIGHT/LOCK

now you are connected to the oneness of all things

take your hands out in front of you palms turned to face one another

now INSTALL with your will and intention.. whatever energies, intentions you have for your day in this ball of energy.

Expand the energy out through your heart into the ball of energy and insert






that all your transactions with people are loving, supportive, kind

whatever you like add those vibrations to the ball of light and energy.

Once complete take the ball of energy and bring it into your HEART……

now you are ready to start your day….

you are connected, expanded , OPEN, you are CLEAR about what you want for the day, now get to it.

Taking the meager 5-8 minutes to do this EVERY DAY for 30 days will result in AWESOMENESS, don’t say I didn’t warn you smile emoticon

PLEASE share your experiences here, or on the Awakening into Oneness Facebook group page found here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/242699212428076/

Have FUN and enjoy!!

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