The GIFT of the Double Blessing

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of working with multiple clients helping them to specifically OPEN to more unlimited abundance and BLESSINGS!

What happened next for ME was truly astonishing……

I had a tsunami of GOOD and BLESSINGS flood my way, shortly after, in the form of creating new enlightened alliances, invitations for radio shows, more money showing up, more clients coming out of the woodwork from all over the world.

More divinely guided ideas and inspirations came into my consciousness!

I FELT ELEVATED, my heart WIDE OPEN and the GOOD just keeps coming!

As I sat in the Zone State and reflected I kept coming back to the recent clients I had helped and the Universe was CLEARLY showing me that when we help others claim their victories, help them to open and BLESS THEM, we ourselves are blessed!

I call this the DOUBLE BLESSING effect!  I LOVE how this Universe is so perfectly orchestrated.

We have all heard of the pay it forward movement, and this is along the same lines.

When we give out good, that good comes back to us multiplied!  It makes the world more beautiful for everyone and it is easy enough to do.

The old paradigm thinking of “not enough”, competition, we have to “get ours” and the ease in which many people will step on whoever they have to to get ahead is SO OLD EARTH!

The TRUTH is when we bless others, help others, we are also BLESSED.

A month or so ago I invited everyone to participate in the 30 day “Blessing” challenge to give you all a very personal experience of how amazing your life can be when we BLESS everyone we see and interact with.

The TRUTH is we are ALL here to become Masters and what do Masters DO??  They BLESS!!  So step into your Mastery TODAY and start BLESSING the Universe, Bless yourself, Bless EVERY part of your life,  Bless everyone around you and watch the Double Blessing begin to work in YOUR life in miraculous ways!

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