Wave X energy update

Wave X Energy Update: by Erica Rock

As Wave X is gifting us with mass amounts of light/energy/intelligence/love many are exploring themselves and their lives from a more expanded consciousness, some are unsure that anything has really changed for them,  no matter where you find yourself on the spectrum of experience may this update help bring more awareness to the New Earth Energies that have been grounded into Mother earth. anchored into Earth.

Energy Ball 2 Dark and Light Remix v2 by TheSoulofHarmony

Keep in mind that when shifts occur, they happen way out in the auric field first, in the ethers and then filter their way down to the physical.  So changes happen in the invisible realms first before you see the “physical proof” or evidence in the physical.

You will most likely notice shifts within you before those shifts translate in your outer world.  Inner landscape changes first then the outer landscape shifts to match the inner.

When we open to receive big energy like receiving a Grace Blessing or this more cosmic Wave X energy it causes dramatic shifts inside of us, our perceptions change, our relationship between our mind and heart change, we begin to see/feel/experience everything more through Divine Self perspective, rather than through ego.  One of the first things that people generally notice is that things that used to bother them do not like they once did.  The second sign is that when things “don’t go your way” this doesn’t shake you up and destroy you or ruin your entire day like maybe it used to, your more open and aware and maybe for the first time you feel like you have choice in how you respond to life’s curve balls and you no longer “sweat the small stuff”.

The other often drastic shift in worldview often is suddenly having the ability to find the Blessing in everything, seeing life again,  through that Divine Self perspective and having a deeper knowing that everything is here to help you grow, open and evolve.

This is where I see people become acutely aware of their patterns, reactions, and ancestral pre-dispositions.  Their eyes are wide open!!  The danger I see people falling into is thinking that they are not really growing, shifting, changing and they are “spiritually failing” because they are still doing “that thing they do”, but there IS a KEY difference that proves healing and growth are underway…..they now have the ability to “watch themselves” “doing that thing they do” and this in and of itself is a Huge Quantum Leap forward because we cannot shift something we are not aware of, this is a vital and necessary step in the spiritual growth process!!

You are likely to really judge yourself while you are in this stage, but you are also more Aware and awareness alone can and does shift a lot.  In this phase you are learning how to stay open, expanded, loving and in response to life rather than reactive, without the inner judge and critic…..making this leap requires integrating the ego and we cannot force this.

What tends to happen and I remember this stage well, the “negative” within me, my shadow, ego, inner judge and critic seemed “louder” than ever.  I was really aware of them and if you don’t understand what is happening you can feel as though you are backsliding–not at all.  The judgements within me HAD TO GET LOUDER for me to clearly see what I was still holding onto, what limiting beliefs, patterns and such were coming up for LOVE…..those voices needed to get louder for me to see clearly, really get it and know where love was needed the most.

If the judgement was a soft whisper it would of been too easy to ignore !

Try these words out loud as a command and declaration to the Universe:

“I accept that before the things I want to shift are able to, the immediate changes occur in my perception of things. While judgment and criticism may still arise,  I see it as evidence that I AM becoming more conscious, even if I still behave in ways I judge myself for.  As my inner landscape shifts, I accept that all of my experience’s are a Blessing of  growth, and there is nothing within me that is flawed, defective, wrong or bad.  I accept that judgment is a sign of me becoming more conscious and aware and everything in my experience is here to assist me, whether I like it or I don’t like it, in so understanding this I AM FREE to be the ME I came here to be!”

Ego lives on blame, making ourselves and others are “wrong” and resisting what is, what you will notice happen in the next phase of growth is that as you find yourself judging you no longer have the need to make that “wrong” and the ego begins to let go.

The need to try and control falls away, and you find you don’t take everything in life so personally.

Great freedom is found in this because when someone in your life treats you badly or you attract someone who “wrongs” you somehow, instead of taking your finger and blaming yourself for “creating this situation” and make yourself wrong and bad…..you see it for what it is, someone hurting, acting out their hurt and really it has nothing to do with you, law of attraction or not!!  That is an old paradigm teaching and no longer applies.

I was inspired to write this because I know many of you are hyper aware of your patterns and are still engaged with them and I watch you suffer thinking that you are not growing, but the TRUTH is you are and I hope that this gives you some comfort, that you are exactly where you are meant to be, no matter how “sick of it you may be”, if you can shift your perspective and stop judging yourself for judging the inner war will end immediately!

This is how it happened for me in 2008-2009 and so when I find that I am judging, it is no big deal, I am neutral about it, and it is part of the process, you are perfect, pure, Divine and loved!

Much love, Erica Rock

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