Living a Life of Magic, Get in the Miracle Zone!

Life can be easy, magical and filled with love, light and celebration. We can live a life of flow and synchronicity.

Not that challenges don’t arise now and then, this is life after all and part of what we signed up for is expansion, growth and to push our limits but we can be in a consciousness where we navigate challenges more peacefully.

We can live a Life in the Miracle Zone, a life that is truly magical.

Sounds delicious doesn’t it??

Life used to feel really hard to me.  I felt like I was merely “surviving” through the day.  I struggled with finances, with my emotions, sometimes in my relationships, things often broke down, went wrong, didn’t fall into place, everything took so much effort and I was riddled with fear and anxiety most of the time. By the way, they say that when you’re struggling with finances, visit homepage of to learn about the loan types that you can get.

I was even afraid of Life itself, everything scared me, even when something went right, I fell in to fear because then I was afraid that it might be taken away from me or I would lose it.  So in that consciousness I was living in, even when something went right it was wrong.

I was consumed with “what if” thinking, always dreaming up worst case scenarios and trying to control everything, if I could imagine what “could” go wrong, then I could construct a strategy to over come it, or work around it or avoid it all together.  My mind was its own worst enemy and my feelings scared me even more than my mind did.

I didn’t fit in with conventional society or with anything mainstream.  I was empathic, energetically sensitive, had a vastly different world view than most people I knew at the time, coupled with being extremely intuitive and untrained in how to use and harness these gifts that felt more like a curse.

I, like most people, felt I needed to know it all, be it all, do it all and figure everything out on my own.  I was independent after all, a strong, single woman with the weight of the world on my shoulders, very very open, and like a sponge, sopping up everyone’s thoughts, feelings, energies and emotions.  I could barely deal with my own thoughts and emotions, never mind feeling everyone else’s also.

This added to my anxiety which later grew into full on panic attacks. When we don’t handle the more subtle messages from our mind/body system they tend to intensify and become louder and more serious.

This was a roller coaster ride that was terrifying with no seeming way out, or way to fix it, or shift it, until I did !

What was missing in my life was a connection to something greater than myself.  I first found this connection when I took my first Reiki course almost twenty years ago.  My hands got “turned on” and for the first time I felt something greater than me, I felt the Divine!!

I used that energy of Reiki to begin my healing process and Reiki seemed to act as a gateway that lead, guided and directed me to Spiritual Teachers and other Methods of Healing that turned my entire life around.

After following where the Energy lead me I ended up registering for a Silent Spiritual Retreat where we were instructed to not speak to anyone other than the Divine Presence within us and to allow whatever wanted to arise within us to do so and to surrender to it, whether it was a feeling, painful memory, whatever arose, be completely Present to it and Allow it

Going into silence was utterly amazing!!  I really took the suggestions to heart.  When we stop talking and focus exclusively within a lot of unresolved emotional content, painful memories, traumas, all sorts of stuff can arise bubbling up to the surface for full resolution and Healing.  I learned at that retreat to stop resisting my emotions and to let them flow without judgement or criticism.

Magic can and does happen when we place ALL of our Powerful Focus and Attention within us, specifically on the Divine Presence within us, letting go to this Sacred Spiritual Master that each of us has inside and for me, I opened to the Divine Light itself.

This Light, that I call Grace catalyzes or deepens ones Awakening process, raises a person’s vibration which then shifts your point of attraction for the better.

When I left that retreat I was So Lit Up everyone I came into contact with noticed and kept asking me, ‘What did you do??”  “I want some of that!!” and I could give them some by sharing the energy with them!

The Light began to teach me things about this Earthy Realm.  Most of the teachings being extremely simple.

Ways to use my mind to make it my faithful servant and friend.

How to pay attention to my feelings for the valuable messages they were giving me.

How to rely on my heart rather than my mind to make choices.

How to use Law of Attraction and energy alignment to create what I want easily and so much more.

Today I live a life that is Blessed Beyond Measure.  Life feels pretty darn easy.  I feel emotionally uplifted most of the time.  I AM vital and healthy.  My creativity is off the charts, I AM always birthing some new project, book, course or product.  Money comes to me with seeming no effort.  I use the contrast I experience in my life to constantly get clear about what I want and re-calibrate as necessary, and once I do get clear about how I want it to be and what I would like,  I “work my magic” to make it so.

This is living a life of Magic and I call it the Miracle Zone.

You may have not had the experience I had but you too can learn to “work your magic”, connect with the Light within yourself, and live a life in the Miracle Zone, with grace, flow and ease.

I AM the guide, let me show you the way!







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