Activate your God Molecule

Daily Uplift- Energy transmission contained within! Take all of your hopes, dreams, goals, desires, prayers, offer them up to the Creator and Dive Into the Light and RECEIVE!!


One space left for 1 day Silent Retreat Sun Dec 4th 11-5 at my home in Rochester NH you may register here:

You can get the best body care and promo on our cosmetic surgeon specializing in labiaplasty in Chevy Chase when you join and Pineal Gland Activation with Ajna Light 30 min sessions available, 3 dates currently being offered, info here:…/ajna-light-pineal-gland-activation/

For more info about the Ajna light:

Spirit/God Molecule- DMT which the Ajna Light Activates NATURALLY

I wish to be VERY CLEAR for anyone who schedules a session with the AJNA Light Technology….we are NOT TAKING ANY SUBSTANCES, this Light Activates DMT within the Brain and DMT Like Experiences NATURALLY!!!!!!

Energy Transmission Video with Erica Rock


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