Look Within

We can sometimes be so busy chasing things on the spiritual journey that we miss what IS happening, the progress we HAVE made, just how far we Have come…..and typically that which we chase eludes us.

If you boil down what it is you Truly want from stepping onto this journey you may find that what you are looking for is right under your nose……but we get so “busy” looking for it, reading about how others have found it, listening to other people’s experiences of it and how they got there, following someone else’s souls journey that we spin in circles…..and the Entire Time….it was INSIDE US and the only way to find it…..is to STOP LOOKING and chasing it :) SMILE

The Divinity that you are cannot be sought after because you are already Divine, already Perfect, already whole, already free, already joyful, already Abundant, full of Grace, Wisdom and EVERYTHING you desire!

For the perfection and divinity that we tend to seek to be revealed can we be willing to Stop….. Get still….. UNWIND…..CHILLAX, Breathe, BE…..

And as we sit, breathe, get still and BE…..all that is unresolved and uncomfortable tends to bubble up….and we start to wiggle, and maybe shake a bit and sweat and get all sorts of uncomfortable….and we may have the impulse to RUN…..to get busy, to distract, to eat, to drink, to have “sexy time” …..to shop….whatever your numbing drug of choice is…..maybe it is social media??

We will do whatever it takes to run from the pain inside…….if we can remember……that…….

At the end of the darkness is the LIGHT……but we must sit still long enough to allow the LIGHT to reveal itself and this Light isn’t Outside of us…..it is INSIDE of us….patiently waiting for us to be willing to FEEL and flow all of that which is covering it up.

If we are willing to sit with our uncomfortable physical sensations……we walk through the Fire and allow the internal inferno of the pain to transform us and we Rise Born Again, Born Anew…..stronger, better, and new and improved……

People ask me WHY do you do Silent Retreats? What is with the silence????

Silence…… diving into the silence and stillness allows the inner clutter and noise that is covering up that which we want most to Reveal itself ….the Light of our own very soul !!

No amount of book reading, chasing, seeking will get us there…..I know because I did that for oh so long…..until I got the cosmic joke that was…..”The Divinity I was looking for all this time was right INSIDE me waiting for me to sit still and shut up long enough for it to reveal itself to me.”

May the Light of your Soul Reveal itself to you…..One day Silent retreat Sunday Dec 4th 11-5 in Rochester NH….now only ONE space remaining for one Glowing LUMINOUS Brave soul to Seize the LIGHT WITHIN!!


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