This blog is a place to go for a vibrational uplift.  The entire site has been infused with Divine Grace which initiates your enlightenment and awakening process.  Come here often to entrain to the Divine energy.

The stories on this blog are my personal experiences and new awakenings that have had a profound effect on my life and on the lives of others.  I sometimes share stories of miracles and profound experiences that happen in the lives of my friends, family and clients.  I LOVE to share in one anothers victories and RAVE about all of the beautiful goings on…….

we may discuss, explore and experience here: angels, archangels, ascended masters, magic, enchantment, enlightenment, awakening, inner peace, miracles, healing, knowing, creating, opening, expanding, laughing, joy, bliss, freedom, happiness, oneness, unity, love, love, love……….our Divinity!

My intent is that these stories will help to inspire you and help you to remember who you truly are.  Living and knowing the TRUTH of reality, life, you and I.

We are one.  I LOVE you, each and every one.

Love, love, love

Erica Rock

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