Living a Life of Magic, Get in the Miracle Zone!

Life can be easy, magical and filled with love, light and celebration. We can live a life of flow and synchronicity.

Not that challenges don’t arise now and then, this is life after all and part of what we signed up for is expansion, growth and to push our limits but we can be in a consciousness where we navigate challenges more peacefully.

We can live a Life in the Miracle Zone, a life that is truly magical.

Sounds delicious doesn’t it??

Life used to feel really hard to me.  I felt like I was merely “surviving” through the day.  I struggled with finances, with my emotions, sometimes in my relationships, things often broke down, went wrong, didn’t fall into place, everything took so much effort and I was riddled with fear and anxiety most of the time. By the way, they say that when you’re struggling with finances, visit homepage of to learn about the loan types that you can get.

I was even afraid of Life itself, everything scared me, even when something went right, I fell in to fear because then I was afraid that it might be taken away from me or I would lose it.  So in that consciousness I was living in, even when something went right it was wrong.

I was consumed with “what if” thinking, always dreaming up worst case scenarios and trying to control everything, if I could imagine what “could” go wrong, then I could construct a strategy to over come it, or work around it or avoid it all together.  My mind was its own worst enemy and my feelings scared me even more than my mind did.

I didn’t fit in with conventional society or with anything mainstream.  I was empathic, energetically sensitive, had a vastly different world view than most people I knew at the time, coupled with being extremely intuitive and untrained in how to use and harness these gifts that felt more like a curse.

I, like most people, felt I needed to know it all, be it all, do it all and figure everything out on my own.  I was independent after all, a strong, single woman with the weight of the world on my shoulders, very very open, and like a sponge, sopping up everyone’s thoughts, feelings, energies and emotions.  I could barely deal with my own thoughts and emotions, never mind feeling everyone else’s also.

This added to my anxiety which later grew into full on panic attacks. When we don’t handle the more subtle messages from our mind/body system they tend to intensify and become louder and more serious.

This was a roller coaster ride that was terrifying with no seeming way out, or way to fix it, or shift it, until I did !

What was missing in my life was a connection to something greater than myself.  I first found this connection when I took my first Reiki course almost twenty years ago.  My hands got “turned on” and for the first time I felt something greater than me, I felt the Divine!!

I used that energy of Reiki to begin my healing process and Reiki seemed to act as a gateway that lead, guided and directed me to Spiritual Teachers and other Methods of Healing that turned my entire life around.

After following where the Energy lead me I ended up registering for a Silent Spiritual Retreat where we were instructed to not speak to anyone other than the Divine Presence within us and to allow whatever wanted to arise within us to do so and to surrender to it, whether it was a feeling, painful memory, whatever arose, be completely Present to it and Allow it

Going into silence was utterly amazing!!  I really took the suggestions to heart.  When we stop talking and focus exclusively within a lot of unresolved emotional content, painful memories, traumas, all sorts of stuff can arise bubbling up to the surface for full resolution and Healing.  I learned at that retreat to stop resisting my emotions and to let them flow without judgement or criticism.

Magic can and does happen when we place ALL of our Powerful Focus and Attention within us, specifically on the Divine Presence within us, letting go to this Sacred Spiritual Master that each of us has inside and for me, I opened to the Divine Light itself.

This Light, that I call Grace catalyzes or deepens ones Awakening process, raises a person’s vibration which then shifts your point of attraction for the better.

When I left that retreat I was So Lit Up everyone I came into contact with noticed and kept asking me, ‘What did you do??”  “I want some of that!!” and I could give them some by sharing the energy with them!

The Light began to teach me things about this Earthy Realm.  Most of the teachings being extremely simple.

Ways to use my mind to make it my faithful servant and friend.

How to pay attention to my feelings for the valuable messages they were giving me.

How to rely on my heart rather than my mind to make choices.

How to use Law of Attraction and energy alignment to create what I want easily and so much more.

Today I live a life that is Blessed Beyond Measure.  Life feels pretty darn easy.  I feel emotionally uplifted most of the time.  I AM vital and healthy.  My creativity is off the charts, I AM always birthing some new project, book, course or product.  Money comes to me with seeming no effort.  I use the contrast I experience in my life to constantly get clear about what I want and re-calibrate as necessary, and once I do get clear about how I want it to be and what I would like,  I “work my magic” to make it so.

This is living a life of Magic and I call it the Miracle Zone.

You may have not had the experience I had but you too can learn to “work your magic”, connect with the Light within yourself, and live a life in the Miracle Zone, with grace, flow and ease.

I AM the guide, let me show you the way!







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Significantly Raise your Vibration in 30 days

Who wants to embark on a radical acceleration journey, one that will keep you uplifted, Raise your vibration each and every day……prove to you how Powerful you are…….. how powerful your intentions and words are……. and that will keep your focus on what you want while transforming your own life as well as helping the entire planet??

The commitment for this is 30 days, this will help you get into this habit of living your life this way and gives you enough time to see the results you will get from dedicating yourself to this practice.


Every morning when you wake up, we are going to Align our energy and program our day, first thing.

The intention we are going to set is “I intend for today that I will be more loving, kind, gentle and compassionate to myself and others than ever before.”


That’s it, that is all I ask you to do and intend.


You can start here, and if you want to take this practice “all the way”, set mini intentions for everything you, turning everything you do into a Sacred Spiritual Ritual, into the highest action of love in action that you can possibly think of.

Your life is your prayer. When we take each moment to offer an intention of love and blessings we begin to elevate into the heavenly realms.

Howard Wills the man who created the Gift of Life Prayers and Affirmations that are published in my True You book taught me to strive to love everything and everyone, no matter what.  Love and bless the flowers and plants, animals as much as the criminal and maggot.  Might sound like an extreme teaching but a true Master Does Love All of God’s Creations as they are All a part of the Divine.

He also taught me to set mini intentions before everything I do, whether it was showering, cleaning my house, folding the laundry, he told me that “you can turn every single thing into the most ecstatic spiritual experience” and I took that teaching to heart and never looked back.

As you begin to  use the Power of your Intention and Love and Blessing everything you do, your Vibration will begin to radically elevate.

We are either creating unconsciously or consciously and this is one certain way to Be the Conscious Creator you want to be.

Don’t make work of it, have Fun with this!! Be creative, allow your heart to guide you. Use all of the pain and suffering you see in the World as an Invitation to shine more love, light and blessings upon the planet, One mini intention at a time.

You see where Mother Gaia needs healing, you see all too well where people are hurting and you often feel powerless to do anything about it, this is what you can do.

For 15 plus years I have started each day with an intention and then as I go about my day and see what the world is in desperate need of I turn every action into a Spiritual Blessing .
And life just keeps on getting better as a result .

As you take a shower you could intend…..” As I cleanse my body may all bodies of water become purified”

As you prepare dinner for your family…..”May all people have organic, nourishing food to eat around the world.”

As you breathe……”With every breath I take may all hearts be opened to the Love that they are.”

As you take your daily walk….”With every step I take may the soils across the planet become remineralized.”

As you deposit or withdraw cash out of the bank or ATM….” May all people have enough prosperity and abundance for all of their needs to be met.”

Everything you do each day is an opportunity for a “consolidated prayer” to meet the needs of the planet and all sentient beings.

We are not powerless, we have the power of our words and intentions to use as our magic wand, leveraging our powerful focus of attention to “take away the sins of the world”
We Are the Lamb of God/Goddess……..


It typically takes 21 days to create new habit, a common desire I hear people asking for in private sessions and at retreats is to become more conscious and aware. From where I sit, we already are very aware but feel helpless to do anything about it and here is where we are “wrong”…..we can…. and the answer is so simple it slips away from us because it is right under our nose.

Intend and offer Blessings with everything you do, make it Fun, Maybe even over the top, some of you have amazing imaginations, let yours run wild with this….
and then your to do list may start to look something like this:

Eradicate poverty in 3rd world countries

grant access to clean, organic food for all human beings

purify all bodies of water around the planet

lift all souls out of sufferingup

lift the consciousness of the planet

provide free energy to all people

create a world where everyone’s need are met

open all hearts

This Prayer below was revealed to Howard Wills many many years ago…….you may choose to use this prayer daily to Love and Bless the Entire Planet and feel free to change the term God for a term that resonates with you.  Please share your experiences with me at and on the Awakening Into Oneness Global Experiment Facebook page

God, We Are Your Children, Your Humble Children

We Give You Our Love And We Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings

We Ask God, Please, That You Lead Us, Guide Us, And Direct Us Into Your Life, Into Your Light, And Into Your Love

We Ask God, Please, That Your Perfection Become Our Perfection

That Your Love Become Our Love

That Your Life Become Our Life

And That Your Light Become Our Light

Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually

And In All Ways Completely

We Thank You God For These Blessings

Thank You God For Your Love

We Ask God, Please, That You Join Us To Your Earth, To Your Heavens, To You, To All Creation, And To Ourselves – Minds To Feelings To Bodies In Peace, Life, Light, Love, And Perfection

We Ask God, Please, That Your Perfection Become Our Perfection

That Your Love Become Our Love

That Your Life Become Our Life

And That Your Light Become Our Light

Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually

And In All Ways Completely

We Thank You God For This Freedom

Thank You God For Your Love

Thank You God For The Healing Of All These Relationships

Thank You God For The Gift Of Life

And All The Many Gifts You Give Us Always

God, We Are Your Children, Your Humble Children

We Give You Our Love And We Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings

We Bless All Your Creations In The Entire Universe

And We Fill The Entire Universe With Our Love

We Bless The Earth, The Moon, The Planets, The Sun All Stars, And All Celestial Bodies

We Bless The Trees, The Plants, The Flowers, The Waters, The Fish, The Birds, The Wind, The Insects, The Animals, All Humanity, And All Life On Earth, And In The Entire Universe

And We Fill All Things, All Time, All Space, And All Dimensions With Our Love As We Celebrate This Gift Of Freedom, Life, Love, And Healing

Now And Forever

Thank You God, Thank You God, Thank You

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Wave X energy update

Wave X Energy Update: by Erica Rock

As Wave X is gifting us with mass amounts of light/energy/intelligence/love many are exploring themselves and their lives from a more expanded consciousness, some are unsure that anything has really changed for them,  no matter where you find yourself on the spectrum of experience may this update help bring more awareness to the New Earth Energies that have been grounded into Mother earth. anchored into Earth.

Energy Ball 2 Dark and Light Remix v2 by TheSoulofHarmony

Keep in mind that when shifts occur, they happen way out in the auric field first, in the ethers and then filter their way down to the physical.  So changes happen in the invisible realms first before you see the “physical proof” or evidence in the physical.

You will most likely notice shifts within you before those shifts translate in your outer world.  Inner landscape changes first then the outer landscape shifts to match the inner.

When we open to receive big energy like receiving a Grace Blessing or this more cosmic Wave X energy it causes dramatic shifts inside of us, our perceptions change, our relationship between our mind and heart change, we begin to see/feel/experience everything more through Divine Self perspective, rather than through ego.  One of the first things that people generally notice is that things that used to bother them do not like they once did.  The second sign is that when things “don’t go your way” this doesn’t shake you up and destroy you or ruin your entire day like maybe it used to, your more open and aware and maybe for the first time you feel like you have choice in how you respond to life’s curve balls and you no longer “sweat the small stuff”.

The other often drastic shift in worldview often is suddenly having the ability to find the Blessing in everything, seeing life again,  through that Divine Self perspective and having a deeper knowing that everything is here to help you grow, open and evolve.

This is where I see people become acutely aware of their patterns, reactions, and ancestral pre-dispositions.  Their eyes are wide open!!  The danger I see people falling into is thinking that they are not really growing, shifting, changing and they are “spiritually failing” because they are still doing “that thing they do”, but there IS a KEY difference that proves healing and growth are underway…..they now have the ability to “watch themselves” “doing that thing they do” and this in and of itself is a Huge Quantum Leap forward because we cannot shift something we are not aware of, this is a vital and necessary step in the spiritual growth process!!

You are likely to really judge yourself while you are in this stage, but you are also more Aware and awareness alone can and does shift a lot.  In this phase you are learning how to stay open, expanded, loving and in response to life rather than reactive, without the inner judge and critic…..making this leap requires integrating the ego and we cannot force this.

What tends to happen and I remember this stage well, the “negative” within me, my shadow, ego, inner judge and critic seemed “louder” than ever.  I was really aware of them and if you don’t understand what is happening you can feel as though you are backsliding–not at all.  The judgements within me HAD TO GET LOUDER for me to clearly see what I was still holding onto, what limiting beliefs, patterns and such were coming up for LOVE…..those voices needed to get louder for me to see clearly, really get it and know where love was needed the most.

If the judgement was a soft whisper it would of been too easy to ignore !

Try these words out loud as a command and declaration to the Universe:

“I accept that before the things I want to shift are able to, the immediate changes occur in my perception of things. While judgment and criticism may still arise,  I see it as evidence that I AM becoming more conscious, even if I still behave in ways I judge myself for.  As my inner landscape shifts, I accept that all of my experience’s are a Blessing of  growth, and there is nothing within me that is flawed, defective, wrong or bad.  I accept that judgment is a sign of me becoming more conscious and aware and everything in my experience is here to assist me, whether I like it or I don’t like it, in so understanding this I AM FREE to be the ME I came here to be!”

Ego lives on blame, making ourselves and others are “wrong” and resisting what is, what you will notice happen in the next phase of growth is that as you find yourself judging you no longer have the need to make that “wrong” and the ego begins to let go.

The need to try and control falls away, and you find you don’t take everything in life so personally.

Great freedom is found in this because when someone in your life treats you badly or you attract someone who “wrongs” you somehow, instead of taking your finger and blaming yourself for “creating this situation” and make yourself wrong and bad… see it for what it is, someone hurting, acting out their hurt and really it has nothing to do with you, law of attraction or not!!  That is an old paradigm teaching and no longer applies.

I was inspired to write this because I know many of you are hyper aware of your patterns and are still engaged with them and I watch you suffer thinking that you are not growing, but the TRUTH is you are and I hope that this gives you some comfort, that you are exactly where you are meant to be, no matter how “sick of it you may be”, if you can shift your perspective and stop judging yourself for judging the inner war will end immediately!

This is how it happened for me in 2008-2009 and so when I find that I am judging, it is no big deal, I am neutral about it, and it is part of the process, you are perfect, pure, Divine and loved!

Much love, Erica Rock

To take this journey even deeper and live a life of emotional freedom and energetic alignment within yourself, please join me for the upcoming Monthly Group Tele Gathering, Weds October 21st 7-8 PM EST


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Overly sensitive? Empathic? How to use this as a GIFT!

Have you been told that you’re too sensitive? Or maybe you have thought this yourself wondering WHY you are so effected by the people and energy around you.  Your empathy may become more glaringly obvious on days when conflict, criticism or other people’s negative energy makes you feel completely out of sorts.

As a supremely sensitive person, this has been a recurring theme in my life. And in today’s article, you’ll learn how to make your empathy a gift instead of it feeling like a curse.

I’ve come to realize that my ability to feel things deeply is a strength! It’s what helps me be REALLY good at what I do.  We can learn how to leverage the upside of being empathic and turn it into a GIFT!

For an empath UNIFYING heart and mind is crucial.  HOW do we do this?

#1- Start your day by ALIGNING your ENERGY!!  We have the power of CHOICE in life and we get to choose what we focus on.  Starting your day off on the RIGHT FOOT can and will make ALL the difference for you.  We don’t start our day off by immediately checking email, voice messages, returning phone calls, appointments, checking twitter or facebook etc.  We start our day by ALIGNING our energy and programming our day.  We start our day with some sort of meditation, creative visualization, affirmations, prayer, mantra, listening to any of the Grace Blessing audios is an AWESOME way to start the day, Instant Uplift or the I AM Unity Consciousness audios are two exceptional ones to get yourself HIGH VIBE and ALIGNED!!  People also love Infinite Blessings BOOK and Music as well.  Point being LINE YOUR ENERGY UP BEFORE YOU START YOUR DAY!  This will make your vibration STRONGER so you are less likely to be thrown off by other people’s energy!

#2-STOP and SLOW DOWN.  If some negative energy or criticism has come your way, STOP, take a PAUSE and ask within, “Why might this person be upset?” TRY to place yourself in the other person’s shoes and TRY to see the situation from THEIR point of view.  If you can EMPATHIZE with how the “other” person may be feeling it can really help YOU to deal with what has shown up in your orbit much more effectively.  For example, some random person is going off on you on FB, you can pretty much guess that person is SUFFERING in their own life, it really has NOTHING to do with YOU, so DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY and simply forgive and release them.  NO extra drama needed. Here is a little tid bit, MANY MANY MANY TIMES when people freak out it has NOTHING to do with US and everything to do with THEM and we just take it personally which is OUR mistake.  When someone criticizes us all that tells us is what THEY believe it may or may not be “true” so slow down long enough to feel into if there is any truth and if there is you can use it to GROW and BLOSSOM into the very highest version of yourself!

#3-Feel it and flow it  We ALL get upset once in awhile and trying to deny that or be the “perfect little spiritual person” is ridiculous.  Saying things to ourselves like, “I shouldn’t FEEL THIS”, or “I should be OVER this “thing” by now.”  or “I should be beyond this” ALL NOT HELPFUL, be REAL with HOW YOU FEEL, THAT’S THE DEAL!  Guess what?  You are human and human beings ARE A FEELING, so stop trying to plug up the flow of what you are authentically feeling and let those feeling rip!  So how do we do this?  FEEL the FEELING, DROP the STORY.  A feeling is nothing more than a pure physical sensation, so feel that pure sensation, whether it be a heaviness in the chest, lump in the throat, heat in the face and don’t make up a story about it.  The story fuels the feeling and keeps it going and us in it.  DROP THE STORY–FEEL THE FEELING, DROP THE STORY– FEEL THE FEELING, DROP THE STORY– FEEL THE FEELING.

If you consider yourself an empathic, sensitive person, what are some of the practices you use to stay both open hearted and balanced?  Write them on the Awakening into Oneness FB page found here:

For resources to keep your vibes HIGH, and fortify your foundation look at



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Living as your Divine Self

A common desire I hear people tell me is that they want to live and become the very HIGHEST versions of themselves while they are here on Earth.  The want to “be all they can be”, live their GLORY, share their brilliance and LIGHT.

A big part of this challenge seems to be what this actually looks like and letting go of all the limitations we have bought and sold to ourselves so we can actually start living it and aligning with it.

The Grace energy found in the TRUE You book, audio programs and online courses will start to melt away everything that is NOT us so we CAN begin to live as our largest selves.

We all have a “Higher self, “Mighty I AM Presence” or what I like to call a “Divine Self” which is the God/Goddess like aspect of us, the infinite, invisible part of us, who once Awake begins to walk this Earth AS US and we certainly do become ALL WE WERE MEANT TO!

Our Divine Self knows our greatest desires, hopes, dreams and all the deep, truly meaningful experiences we really want out of life.

It’s who and what our soul came here to be–it is our highest and greatest destiny made manifest. If you want to become more clear about what your Divine Self looks like, what you came here to be, do have I want you to ask yourself some questions that will give you clarity.

What would your ideal day in your ideal life look like?

Keep in mind for this exercise there are NO LIMITS, no limitations–there are no financial limits, health limits, people limits, so you can achieve your right financial status by working right, or health status with the right programs as the Nathan Robinson of Optimized Fitness, you just need to put your mind on it.

NOW, what does your ideal day look like with all those limits gone??

How do you manifest and align with this life?

Step 1: Visualize this ideal day. By visualizing your ideal day this will begin to reveal your Divine Self and what you came here to Be, Do. Have.

Some things to ask yourself for greater clarity:
-Where are you living? Warm climate, tropical climate, four seasons kind of place, near water, mountains, fields?  Which FEELS best to you?
-What would your house look like? Victorian, Cape, Contemporary, Modern, Sleek, Charming, Quaint, Large or small?
-What time would you wake up? What time do you go to bed?  what is your schedule like?
-What does your morning, afternoon, evening look like?
-What kind of foods do you eat?
-What does the mundane stuff look like?
-What would you do in the first half of your day?
-Who is a part of your day?
-What are your friends be like?
-What are you doing for personal fulfillment?
-What life purpose are you living for?
-What are you doing for a career?
-What are your relationships like? What do you like about each other?
-Do you have children?  If so what do you love about them?
-What are your thoughts as you wake up and go to sleep?
-  What kind of activities are you participating in?

-  Are you married, in relationship?  single?  How do you feel?  If you are in a relationship what do you love about your partner?

-  How do you feel in this life?

Identifying ideal day will help you become clear about who you really are, who you really want to be and what is most important to you is also what is most important to your Divine Self.

Get detailed and clear.

When you have a clear picture of who you are – this is your Divine Self.

When you start raising your vibration, letting your limiting beliefs, conditioning, predispositions and everything that is NOT who you truly are go, that’s when you start moving in the direction of your Divine Self. You’ll start experiencing massive growth and improvements in ALL areas of your life.

To your Grace Blessing Journey and letting go of everything that is NOT you, so who you really came here to Be. Do. Have can shine through and manifest in physical form AS YOU.

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Surviving an Emotional Volcano

Emotional Volcanoes- the Eruption can occur at any time

Like a volcano, your pain, your grief, and inner hurt can erupt when you least expect it. You experience a sudden loss; a job, breakup or have a disagreement with a friend or colleague. Suddenly old hurts from prior experiences bubble up to the surface, the present triggering the past all being orchestrated perfectly by the Universe giving us a chance to really HEAL. We can resist these emotions either by persistently replaying the events in the mind keeping it all mental, or going into distraction, numbness, there are numerous ego strategies for avoiding feeling. The price for not authentically feeling what is going on inside is very high, overall life will never be or look like how we would dream for it to, and internally we will never realize our highest and fullest potential.

Come to the inner pain and hurt with openness, curiosity,  courage and loving kindness.

Rule 1: STOP

A volcano when erupting destroys everything in its immediate vicinity and it happens fast, you cannot outrun it.  Running away from an uncomfortable issue, stuffing down your feelings, or numbing your sadness with other distractions will catch up to you sooner or later. When it does,  it will be magnified. You can’t outrun, out think  or out smart your heartbreak. Your energy is better spent facing your hurts, not attempting to escape it. So the first rule is STOP.

Rule 2: DROP-IN

Resistance is useless. And when we resist our resistance we are really making ourselves suffer.  The most empowering choice we can make is to accept what is happening. Sit or Lie down, be quiet, don’t move. In the midst of turmoil, drop into the sensations your having in your body and feel what you are feeling. Life’s disappointments and setbacks can hurt like heck, but if you become translucent, open– allow the physical sensations of the anger, hurt, grief, sorrow to wash through you . When we surrender and stop beating ourselves up, dwelling in the past, or trying to dominate your misery, the healing can begin.

Rule 3: Be very, VERY Still

Stay quiet and be very still until the storm settles.  Slapping a smile on and pretending you’re okay when you’re not makes the discomfort return stronger than ever. Make room for stillness and spaciousness during tough times so you’re able to FULLY experience everything you need to feel. Your inner knowing will alert you when you’re ready to move on.

Facing your hurt can seem terrifying. But when you allow your past and present feelings to flow through you, pain releases its grip and you’re free to live your highest and greatest expression.

If you feel you could use more support I highly recommend the Mastery of Mind and Emotions audio program.  It walks you through a simple, step by step process to help you dive in and be with whatever emotional storm arises, you can read more about it here:

You don’t have to go it alone, there is always support for you here on your journey, my goal is to get people as self sufficient as possible so they don’t need me, for the times you can use the extra more personal one on one support, private sessions are available, either in person, phone or even skype

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One thing I have observed over the years of facilitating silent Grace Blessing retreats: everybody who feels guided towards a silent retreat comes for a different reason.  Some need a break from their fast-paced, overly busy lives so they can relax, refresh and renew body, mind and soul.  The silent retreat is like pressing a reset button on your life.  Others may lead quiet more solitary lives but want to go deeper within, spiritually accelerate and get more in touch with their own inner Divine.  Others might have experienced trauma and are on a healing journey seeking balance, peace and release.  Whatever the reason for coming, most people I have spoken with after participating in a silent retreat say that the retreat helped them get what they wanted; a break, deeper connection, a time to heal, time to reflect and so many deeper positive affects.

Weekend silent Grace Blessing retreats are powerful. I have seen great transformations of retreat participants from just three days of introspection and daily transmission of the Divine Light. Grace Blessing retreats provide deep immersion into the Presence within allowing us to emerge feeling lighter, more joyful and more balanced in our lives.

The Grace Blessing retreats I offer not only give the participants time to de-stress and self bless, but on day three, participants receive a Spiritual Initiation, leaving with a powerful energy that they can pass onto others, which initiates the Enlightenment process or deepens that process for those who are already awakened.

They become pure and powerful channels of Divine Grace which opens, expands and shifts consciousness and resolves issues without having to “work” on them.

In talking with retreat participants I hear such gratefulness for the experience as it often a life-transforming experience for them.  The best part is the retreat never really ends, because the Initiation that is given unfolds eternally growing stronger and deeper with each passing day allowing the new initiate to reach new and exciting heights of consciousness exploration and Spiritual growth.

Included in the Initiation is a petition to each individuals Mighty I AM Presence that  going forth as newer, higher, finer frequencies of Light/Energy/Intelligence become available to Mother Earth and Humanity, that we are downloaded with them by our own Divine Presence/Higher Self, so that Spiritual Initiates are always offering the highest energetic frequencies available for their own Spiritual Evolution as well as their clients, meaning the Initiate never needs another attunement or activation by another Spiritual Teacher again as they will now be receiving them directly.

Why Silence Retreats?  What are the benefits?

Let Go of your “routine”

Routines are useful and help us to be efficient and productive in our daily lives. They give us some structure which also has benefits. Routines exist in our lives as well as in the internal landscape of our minds. Letting go of ALL routines during a silent retreat is liberating beyond words. We turn off our cell phones, computers, stop checking e-mails, facebook, twitter and simply STOP and BE.

All the “noise” also stops, radio, TV, telephones, podcasts, telesummits, newspapers, we connect with nature, breathe in the fresh air, smell the roses, bask in the sunshine.  We have time to “Be still” and simply “Be”.

We nourish our bodies with organic, healthy cuisine that is prepared for us lunch and dinner.  No cooking to do, no clean up, just show up and enjoy.  We allow ourselves to be nurtures, taken care of, supported. We become like children again, flowing with day, allowing ourselves to be guided through the different activities and periods of rest.

We enter into silence and turn inward

The three day retreats I facilitate not only include silence and Grace but also on day one I teach you the Zone Method, which is a fast, effective way to quiet the mind, find your peaceful , balanced center and enter into 5th dimensional energy and consciousness.

Participants are taught all four gateways of how to enter into the zone state at will in minutes so they can then spend the remainder of their retreat in deeper connection to their own Inner Divine, in a higher state of consciousness and they just learned a spectacularly powerful method of stopping all thought and shifting thought on a dime and they get to also take that new skill home with them and casually share it with others!

Much of our energy is used in communicating with the external world.  At a silent retreat, we take all the energy that we normally use in speaking and communicating and we make it available to the mind-body to repair itself,  heal and transform.

Silent Grace Blessing retreats are ultra nourishing for our minds, bodies, spirits, souls and lives.

Power field of Resonance

Rather than retreating by ourselves, we join other people who are participating in the silent retreat.

The experience is quite different than a personal retreat or taking a retreat in which people talk to one another.  In a silent retreat a powerful field of resonance is created.  These retreats in particular, the field is infused with Divine Grace and the groups energy amplifies this making it more palpable and powerful for everyone.  The air around the group seems to vibrate.  There is a connectedness even without any outward communication.  Being in the energy seems to aid everyone in focusing, going deeper and healing.

Everyday we participate in Spiritual practice that is FUN

We gather as a group to enter the quiet Zone state several times a day and receive Grace Blessings.  Cleansing and purifying practices clearing our ancestral lineage and releasing resentments to let go of burden leaves our hearts more open and free.  We move a LOT of energy in these retreats in the form of trance dance, kundalini yoga, breathwork and receiving activations from the Monoatomic Andara Crystals.

We Eat REALLY Well

We partake of freshly prepared, delicious and nutritious organic food. This food both nourishes the body and aids it in cleansing.

Rest and Relaxation

Silent retreats allows us to relax, restore and rejuvenate on a very deep cellular level.

  • Breathing practices cleanse and energize the body and mind.
  • Silence- Focuses energy into healing, working on ALL levels.  The mind is laid to rest due to the Zone Method training, allowing it to unwind which grants us room for reflection.  Then we are able to handle and heal all the things are keeping us from our peace of mind.
  • The field of resonance of the group aides in our healing and transformation
  • The fresh, clean, food nourishes us and brings us to an even greater state of physical and mental health.
  • The Grace Blessings & Andara activations help break us out of old ways of thinking and being so we unfold more deeply into our Authentic selves.

“Be Still and know that I AM God”

This whole process removes the “clutter” and chaos in the head.  We receive fresh perspectives about our lives, “issues” often get resolved as we lay our burdens down at the feet of our own Inner Divine to resolve for us, and as we quantum leap into a new level of consciousness the challenges that once faced us are often no longer there!! We gain new insights and understanding.  We hear the wisdom of the Grace Blessing path in new ways so that we can apply that wisdom to our lives.

Our burdens become lighter and somehow might even stop seeming like burdens any more.  The mind slows down and the external silence becomes internal.  The light of understanding and inner peace dawns as our meditations become more profound.
We feel connected to a source of energy, love and joy that is beyond our limited minds and bodies.

We have dropped a lot of the excess baggage that was weighing us down and we emerge transformed in a way that we never expected.

With all this, it seems that a Silent Retreat may be just the thing to help so many of us as we navigate life. Taking time to de-stress, self bless, reconnect, catch our breath, re-focus, rest and replenish is so important in living a conscious life.

The benefits of the Silent Grace Blessing retreats are SO many, when you leave you will fully understand what the phrase “be STILL and KNOW that I AM GOD” means.

Between the zone method training and Grace Blessing initiation you will leave with some of the most leading edge powerful consciousness tools that are available on the planet at this time.  The student becomes the MASTER, are YOU ready to claim that much power?  I indeed hope so!

I AM offering two more Grace Blessing retreats for 2015 in Dover NH!

August 21, 22, 23 fri-sun 11-8 fri, 11-8 sat and 11-3 sun

as well as

Oct 9, 10, 11th

Payment plans are available, the tuition with lunches and dinners is only 1150.00, for more info you may look here, or email to


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Master your Body Wisdom

Somatropin is the recombinant version of somatotropin, a peptide hormone that is produced in the human body by the somatotrope cells of the anterior pituitary gland. It stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans. Somatropin can treat growth hormone deficiency in children.


Our body is like a hall of records, or a library, recording “data”, all of our thoughts, words, actions, memories and experiences.

The body “stores” this data and some of it is helpful for us, but a lot of it is not.

When we have experiences in life that are traumatic, that we don’t have the skill sets to really feel through it all the way, allowing it to flow, we stuff it down within us, we store it and if left unresolved often manifests into a physical “dis-ease” later on.

Not to mention this effects the people, events and circumstances that we attract into our lives.

All of this data and information vibrates inside us and like attracts like.

The body and mind are intricately connected and in constant communication with one another.  Think of your mind like a movie screen if you will, and the body will project “images” onto your movie screen letting you know what is living inside you.

Most people don’t truly understand what is occurring and feel as though they are being haunted by past things, this could not be further from the truth, your body is informing your mind of what needs to be taken care of, handled and healed.

This could be about anything in your life and what I am about to teach you is simple, fast and will keep you CLEAR so life doesn’t build up on you. With free flowing energy like that you manifest faster, you feel better, become more emotionally uplifted and begin to live in the “miracle zone.”

The miracle zone is that space and place where it seems like everything you touch turns to gold, everything you desire shows up easily, that you have a magic wand filled with fairy dust and no matter where you sprinkle that dust– awesomeness abounds!

I want to use some examples from sessions I did this week to demonstrate that it does not matter what challenge, issue, or struggle you are facing you can use this technique to free up the energy and your body!!

Client 1:  ex boyfriend had been psychically attacking her, she felt his energy around her and his ill wishes towards her.  She wanted to be FREE of him, she had already cut cords and tried clearing herself, yet his energy still lingered and he was able to access her.

I asked her to THINK about him and when she thought about him WHERE did she FEEL this show up in her body?  She felt it most strongly in her stomach/solar plexus area.

I had her place her ATTENTION/FOCUS on the area that felt uncomfortable and to gently breathe into it.

Just by placing your ATTENTION on something it begins to SHIFT.

That uncomfortable feeling that manifested when she thought of her ex was the energy that was still residing within her, he was still able to access her because she had unresolved residue living within her body.

I ran the Grace energy while she focused, if you are not a Grace Blessing Giver, what you can do is use either the Infinite Blessings audio, or gaze at one of the Grace infused pictures in the Infinite Blessings or True you books, or any of the other audios, give a powerful grace blessing at the end, you can find all of them here:  Access the Grace energy while you focus…..

In less than four minutes I checked on her and  the energy was completely gone.

I asked her to think about him again to see if her body reacted with anything at all and the answer was NO.  She was FREE of him, in less than 5 minutes!!

If it was YES, I would of had her place her attention on it, gently breathe into it again for a few minutes until it resolved while using Grace to leverage the light and assist to gain full resolution.

Sometimes there is some energy still left in the same location, sometimes it “moves” and you continue to track it until it is gone.

It does not matter what is happening…….

Whether you are facing:

a breakup, loss of a job, challenging relationship, health crisis, money issue, literally ANYTHING

the Protocol is the same, THINK about the situation, then FEEL where your body responds to that thought/situation/circumstance, then place your ATTENTION/FOCUS on that sensation while you gently breathe into it until it dissolves and you are neutral.


Client 2:  Complained of 25-20 pound weight gain and shared that she started not taking care of herself after a breakup that the man “broke her heart”.

I asked her to THINK about him and tell me where she felt her body respond, she said her throat and she became weepy and emotional.  I asked her to FOCUS on the throat, gently breathe into it while I ran Grace and again in less than 5 minutes the energy was GONE!

If she left this there she may have manifested a thyroid issue later on, since the energy was in her throat.  The other issue with not resolving this would of been her continuing to attract men who would do the same to her, so by clearing this energy she has just changed her entire life and the quality of men who will want to be with her, she just got an UPGRADE!

Thyroid also controls WEIGHT, so now that the energy in that center is freed up, it will be interesting to see how her weight may also shift.

The BODY has all the answers and all these seemingly random sensations that arise as we think of things are NOT so random at all.  The body has Divine Intelligence within it.

Everything you THINK about the body responds to that thought and if we pay close attention  if something is not for our highest and best, we now have the tools to shift it, clean it up and get free.

Client 3:  Came to me complaining of severe fatigue, he had spent thousands of dollars being tested for autoimmune disorders, lyme, chronic fatigue syndrome you name it, he was tested the Dr’s were baffled because they could not find anything physically “wrong” with him.  All blood tests came back fine, so what was going on?

I asked him when the fatigue started, he gave me the answer then I asked him what was going on in his life around that time, or what had happened just before the fatigue hit?

Things do not manifest out of a vacuum, we live in a cause and effect Universe and ANYTHING that develops in your body is a MESSAGE ABOUT SOMETHING going on in your life or a pattern of behavior, but clearly it is a message!

We were able to uncover that he had started a new relationship a couple of months prior to the fatigue.  As I read the energy I could clearly see and feel that this relationship was NOT right for him, was actually draining him of his vital life force and he needed to let it go.

As we spoke it became crystal clear to him that the relationship was the cause of this.  She is a lovely woman, there was nothing wrong with her, she treated him great, it simply was not a vibrational match and if that is the case YOUR BODY WILL INFORM YOU OF THIS!

Our body let’s us know everything we need to know, if we pay attention we can stay in alignment with what is for our highest and best.  Our body really IS a temple and serves us oh so well.

Once he chose to end the relationship his energy and vitality came back, it came back the MOMENT he decided to let her go, the challenging part for him was there was no “logical reason” to let her go, but his BODY was informing him otherwise.

My hope is you find this technique useful and implement it, if you are facing something that has physically manifested, always look to when it started and what was happening around that time, that will give you the clues as to how this came about so you can heal it at the cause level.

May you enjoy perfect health thanks to a Fitness Coach online, also happiness and wholeness now and always!

Love, erica

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The GIFT of the Double Blessing

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of working with multiple clients helping them to specifically OPEN to more unlimited abundance and BLESSINGS!

What happened next for ME was truly astonishing……

I had a tsunami of GOOD and BLESSINGS flood my way, shortly after, in the form of creating new enlightened alliances, invitations for radio shows, more money showing up, more clients coming out of the woodwork from all over the world.

More divinely guided ideas and inspirations came into my consciousness!

I FELT ELEVATED, my heart WIDE OPEN and the GOOD just keeps coming!

As I sat in the Zone State and reflected I kept coming back to the recent clients I had helped and the Universe was CLEARLY showing me that when we help others claim their victories, help them to open and BLESS THEM, we ourselves are blessed!

I call this the DOUBLE BLESSING effect!  I LOVE how this Universe is so perfectly orchestrated.

We have all heard of the pay it forward movement, and this is along the same lines.

When we give out good, that good comes back to us multiplied!  It makes the world more beautiful for everyone and it is easy enough to do.

The old paradigm thinking of “not enough”, competition, we have to “get ours” and the ease in which many people will step on whoever they have to to get ahead is SO OLD EARTH!

The TRUTH is when we bless others, help others, we are also BLESSED.

A month or so ago I invited everyone to participate in the 30 day “Blessing” challenge to give you all a very personal experience of how amazing your life can be when we BLESS everyone we see and interact with.

The TRUTH is we are ALL here to become Masters and what do Masters DO??  They BLESS!!  So step into your Mastery TODAY and start BLESSING the Universe, Bless yourself, Bless EVERY part of your life,  Bless everyone around you and watch the Double Blessing begin to work in YOUR life in miraculous ways!

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How to open to more Abundance in only 3 minutes!

This week I’ve noticed that the majority of the sessions I have been doing with people are all around helping them to OPEN to more ABUNDANCE, Prosperity, SUCCESS and CASH MONEY!

In fact for one New Dr Client of mine right after our first session, she started to attract NEW Clients, more enrollments in a new program she was offering  and was approved to buy a NEW HOUSE!!  A client I worked with yesterday right after we did our Abundance Consciousness activation her art was accepted at a new gallery!  Things can and DO open up FAST when our abundance pipes are WIDE OPEN and we are ALIGNED.

I have a GIFT for helping people with this :)

I started by working on my OWN Money and Abundance issues.  As a little child my parents were both self employed, they didn’t have health insurance and when my father fell ill and was admitted into the hospital for a month and half and then past away my mother was left in HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS IN DEBT.  I was only 9 years old.  I just lost my father, he was like a GOD to me and if that wasn’t bad enough the hospital threw THREE attachments onto our home because of the hospital bills.

We were facing the distinct possibility of becoming HOMELESS.  My mother would often come home from the lawyers crying, in complete despair and being the good little psychic empath I was, I TOOK A LOT OF IT ON, often laying awake at night wondering how I could help my mother pay bills, where were we going to live, what could I do?

I let the burden of this fall onto my shoulders and a LOT of unhealthy money beliefs were born due to this grave and dire situation.

Money used to trigger the heck out of me, there wasn’t enough money in the world to make me feel safe.  I had a LOT to work through, a lot to let go of and a lot of power to reclaim.

I’ve done all of this and more, making in the 6 figures consistently in the last few years and that is pretty telling for this industry.  Most people achieve this if they sell high end coaching packages, or asking big bucks for their sessions.

I’ve remained affordable and still achieved this level of success and I can help YOU do the same!

We all have limiting beliefs, energy blocks around money and abundance.

A POWERFUL exercise you can do to begin to WEED OUT those limiting beliefs and FLOW that energy is a quick exercise that only takes 3 minutes of your valuable time!

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

In your minds eye think about how much money you make a year, and NOW take that number that you make per year and think about making that much PER MONTH!!

That’s right PER MONTH!!

For the next 3 minutes SIT and BE WITH whatever thoughts, feelings, sensations that may arise as you focus on this goal.

Anything that is NOT in alignment with this will start to come up so you can feel and flow it.

Any negative thoughts, feelings and sensations are the WEEDS in your Abundance Garden, and it is high time you cleaned them up, so then there is NOTHING standing in the way of your abundance.

You will want to repeat this exercise until you can hold this intention for three minutes and all you feel is JOY, excitement, gratitude, appreciation, love and can dream about ALL the amazing things you are going to BE. DO.HAVE with this kind of abundance.

YOU opening to RECEIVE Abundance is a HUGE BLESSING for EVERYONE.  The more abundant we are, the more generous we can be the more we can assist others in helping them to make their own DREAMS come true, the world becomes a more beautiful, better place for everyone!

YOU being abundant helps the entire world, YOU are WORTHY!!

If you want to accelerate this process and open to abundance faster I would recommend either a Grace Blessing session, if you have multiple parts of your life you need upliftment in  Or if it more abundance in general you are after consider the Abundance activation

Share your experiences with me!!

Love, Erica

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